Purple Hero to max out 1st

Kage clarissa sartana who should I max out 1st I know everyone is different but advice would be welcome guys thanks

If you add a screenshot of your maxed 5* or 4* we can advise you better.
Overall i would say:

Kage -> Sartana=Clarissa.

But its not so flat. Theres a context and needs and acording these things you can take the decision


Agree. Kage bypasses defensive buffs, which is extremely important. Also very fast mana.

Kage > Sartana > Clarissa.

Sartana is a good fast sniper. But, I’d rate Kage better. Clarissa is very fast, but hits weakly, which is why I’d rate Sartana and Kage above her. I don’t view the other skills in her package as making up the diff.


As said, a lot depends on who you already have. For me personally, I find Sartana the hardest (by a bit over Kage) to fight against of those three, and Clarissa the easiest. And C.Sartana is a beast. I don’t have them all (just C.Sartana) so I can’t really comment on offense.

But if you already have snipers and need a DoT then Clarissa may be a better choice. I tend to lean towards snipers myself.

Kage for sure!

20 good suggestions


20 Kages, he’s very fast

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