Purple dilemma

Sartana or Kageburido who would you prefer to finish off ascending? Defence team purposes, to run alongside Alby Vivica Elena and Magni. Thanks in advance.

Same question here, have them both at 3/70 and Seshat 4/80 +4. I think I will give the tabards to Kageburado. I hope he has a little more to offer (very fast mana that is) next to Seshat instead of Sartana…

So my vote goes to Kage with a very close finish


I don’t have Kage but he would get my vote here. Very fast with debuff before damage is nice.

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Kage simply for the dispel before hit…turns some situations into nothing without harm


Very fast > fast hero… :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys, I’m surprised as i thought the general opinion would be Sartana. Glad i asked as the tabard is coming and I was going to give it to her, Kage it is then!

Kage hands down

Rarely will a tc20 hero outshine a paywall hero

Plus u cant have too many 5* dispellers

And he’s 1 of 2 vfast mana damage 5* heroes


I’m going to swap my fully leveled Isarnia for Magni once i gain 2 more telescopes, then Rigard for Vivica. Only yesterday I chose to give the rings to Elena ahead of Khagan i think i did good there?

Yea i would go elena over khagan

Khagan is like the horghall or thorne of reds. Not someone i would recommend ever giving 4* mats to personally


Thanks bud, I did search the vs comparison and she seemed to come on top, Sar and Kag I wanted to make sure though

Sartana is worth maxing at some point unless u pull a dupe kage or a 1st/2nd seshat or u just have no other wizards to emblem

She’s a solid hero, just kage and sesh 1 up her

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all my 5*s here

Yes I have 2 Kageburido 2 Sartanas