Pulling for Blue 5*s

So, Blue Elemental gate is currently open, and of the 5* blues I have Magni, Isarnia, Miki, Thorne and Perseus. Is it worth it to do a 10 pull with gems, hoping for some 5* that I don’t have yet? I know there are a few others out there, but not sure what’s available with regular elemental pulls, other than Richard. I’m assuming Aegir, Ariel, and Frida are ones I can’t get on an Elemental pull, is this correct?

Correct. These are all HOTMs or Atlantis heroes. The only blues you can get in an elemental pull are the vanilla heroes. Also, you can see the available ones if you open that summons gate and scroll through the blue heroes available.

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Are all the 5* heroes in that scroll? It says right on the page “Shown Heroes are only examples of possible Summon results.”

And is there a list of the Vanilla heroes somewhere?

Yes, only the ones shown there are in the elemental portal. That statement is there so players don’t believe they will be pulling all of the heroes shown in the portal.

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Vanilla heroes are all the ones listed in the regular summons gate - when not overtaken by the seasonal heroes. Even then, you can look at the seasonal gate, remove the seasonal heroes (Santa, MN, Buddy and Rudy) and the rest will be vanilla heroes.

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All complete Blue 5* Vanilla / Season 1 heroes are: Magni, Richard, Thorne and Isarnia.
And those heroes are available free from TC20.

here you can filter all available heroes:
https://allheroes.eu/?f=437 (already filtered by 5 star, blue, and origin: Regular)

PS.: IMO, for me elemental summon are only for starter gameplay to complete rainbow minimum 3 star heroes, and do not touch yellow elemental summon, because we already get Bane at start of the game.


Hi @Corwin, may I ask where you are located (country)? I was just wondering because the current Elemental Heroes (in my summons pull) are Purple where I’m located (east coast/USA). Thanks :blush:

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I’m in Mountain Time, USA. Just checked the link jinbatsu posted, I’m missing one 5* from each color in the normal Elemental gates, Sartana (dark), Elena (fire), Leonidas (holy), Richard (ice), and Kadilen (nature). And I know this is off-topic, but did a Seasonal 10-pull with gems instead of the Elemental pull, and got 2 bonus draws of Grimble, that hadn’t happened to me before:


Hi @Corwin, thanks for sharing and congrats on your Santa’s pull!

Great pull, and keep 2x Rudoplh, as they are worth for Rare Event Challange.
Congrat on getting HOTM from santa Portal :+1:
I already summon so many at Santa, Grimforest and Atlantis (around 100xpull total), with no HOTM yet. But get great epic Buddy 3x, many Rudolph (I keep 5x), 2nd Hansel, for 5 star: Lianna (from santa portal), and latest from Atlantis: Onatel (great) and Atomos (not so great, hope for ugprade this hero).

Those heroes are avalible from Training Camp level 20, no gems needed. Only recurits, ham and patient.

Hi @Corwin, thanks and I just corrected it.

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Yes, but haven’t leveled a TC up that far yet, top one is at lvl 14, two at lvl 13, one at lvl 2. Just recently got to SH20, and now spending loads of time and iron getting all my outer buildings caught up. I’ve also had many, many Rudolph pulls this month, at least 10, probably more. Have so far kept only the one, but maybe I’ll hold on to one or two more.

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While you are working on your 5 star heroes already have, you will eventually get there (TC 20), and to max 5 star need so very very rare materials, and many many hams and feeders.

I’m curious with your rosters. What is you project leveling plan?

If you want blue legends do summons in January Atlantis. It will have Misandra as a featured hero plus Valeria as HOTM. And of course the other blues will be available.

Wait, aren’t all HOTMs 5* heroes? I’ve got Valeria, she’s a 4*.

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My bad I meant Vela. She’s the upcoming blue HOTM. fast, does some direct damage and DOT plus extra damage to red and -attack debuff. She’ll be cool because her DOT is specifically “water damage” it will stack with other DOT like fire damage, poison damage etc.

Here’s my current roster lineup:

Bold heroes are finished leveling, with talent grid nodes noted as the third number for those I’ve emblemed (emblemmed?) Those with || and extra numbers following are dupes, and Sonya’s dupe has been leveled a bit both on her regular side, and her costume side. I haven’t kept any third version of a hero yet, too busy upgrading the 120 I have. As a result, I have fed many HOTMs to their originals, and the only one I’m chuffed about is the 4 Kingstons I had, now down to one. I’ve got 2+ 3* rainbow teams leveled up, am slowly working towards 5-stacks in all 5 colors at the 3* level. I’ve got a 4* rainbow team leveled up, and am slowly working on a second team. I’ve got one 5* leveled (Joon), one close (Seshat), and the other 3 colors are closing in on 3/70.

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The elemental colors run in a specific rotation and are dependent upon when you started the game. I think the rotation always starts with red (???). It’s documented somewhere but am too tired to search for it :rofl:

So, if you started the game on Monday you would get a red elemental summons portal. If your friend started the game in Wednesday, he would also start with a red elemental summons portal.


Hi @LadySuzanne, thank you for providing this info!

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