Pull or Wait? The eternal debate...!

Hey! First post here!

Relatively new to the game (note the relatively!) and enjoying it so far. I’ve been very lucky to have some great heroes in the roster so far.

The next S4 portal is coming, and I see that Elizabeth and Phileas could be featured along with Hulda who sounds really interesting! I’ll admit, i’m very tempted because I could really use Phileas (or any other decent green 5* sniper’esque), but I’m worried that it’ll get overshadowed by Season 5 heroes coming Soon™.

Do you guys think that the power creep will be significant enough that I should wait it out, or will I be safe with my Season 4 crew? :slight_smile:

S5 heroes will be different and stronger than most s4 but not that much stronger to make s4 heroes completely obsolete.

Firstly, welcome to the game.

Being new to the game, Season-4 heroes are very good, so worth the try…

Also, next month Season-5 is slated to come which will have heroes as per latest meta plans and worth collection.

Hope you picked some heroes from War of 3 Kingdom… especially the 3 & 4*s.

Challenge festival is a good place to pick heroes of many types… without any Season-1 heroes popping up… may be you already done that, if not, please plan for that.

There are enough YouTube videos explaining all what I have said above.

Happy playing ! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I did actually do some pulls on the last S4 banner, and my first pull was the Challenge festival too to build out my new roster.

I suppose it’s just a debate now as to whether I want to round out the team, or keep pressing on for more vairety!

What I do is pull thinking just on the hotm. Some months i make 0 pulls cause i don’t like him. Other months i stop pulls cause i allready have him.
Odds to achieve Phileas (or Another particular Hero) are ridiculous, even being featured…

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Hi, welcome to the forums. It really depends on the specific portal. Some are great, some are quite simply shocking. You will find out which ones to avoid, at any cost. Some of the event portals aren’t terrible and a recent one 2-3 weeks ago was actually pretty good considering. Wo3K is okay (damned thing gave me HOTM).

Also, if you had been a brand new, just barely awake, genuine newbie. The first thing I might suggest to people (we are pretty diverse) is to bite the bullet and save (deals) and spend 100 summons at the Masquerade. Everything will be upgradable and you have a good chance of having a nice competitive roster while you grow it with new heroes.

In my case, I keep some heroes for years and they are still relevant. I do, do cleanups periodically also (like SG in a way: No pity, no mercy, no remorse).

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