[Pseudo 5*] Blue, Classic 4*, Boril

[Pseudo 5*] Blue, Classic 4*, Boril

Riposte heroes

I agree ( see notes )

Riposte costumes

I got lucky with costumes for both Riposte heroes, Boril and Cyprian, which makes them even sturdier

Boril, Pseudo 5*

Boril is a Pseudo 5* especially with a 4* crit troop to boost his defense stat

Costume bonus, aethers, troops, some class nodes, and invisible defense team stat bonuses can be multiplicative, further boosting Boril’s nice defense stat

I am waiting for my first live server Blue LB quest to level Boril to 75 ( a very good friend of mine in Beta says Boril was helpful in Blue LB quest )

Defense stat

Defense stat is not linear

To add bacon on top of both a chocolate malt milkshake and a cheeseburger ( Five Guys will put bacon on anything, including shakes ) the defense stat, of my costume Boril c+4*+18, increases from 905 to 1,255 on a defense team with a 4* Lv15 crit troop ( v39, see notes )

Boril, loot to get loot

With my roster, and play style, Boril helps with 2x Class / 3x LB quests, mono attack team ( war, titans, some raids ), all war defense teams ( but especially War rule undead hoarde ) and auto play ( see notes )


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Riposte heroes, base and costume

Boril, Auto play

([Guide, Auto play team ] Wilbur Wonder Bots or Wilbur + Boril / Falcon + 3x Healer = Team that even the AI cannot screw up or Current favorite auto play team ( especially for VF.6-3N & VF.1-3N ))

Loot to get loot

Boril, Class quest

(🔵 [Master Discussion] -- Trials of Piety - Guide, Sharing & Discussion - #98 by Gryphonknight)

(🔵 [Master Discussion] -- Trials of Serenity - Guide, Sharing & Discussion - #105 by Gryphonknight)

Boril, Limit Break quest

But not Green ( Blue is weak to Green ) and not Red ( Red gets Blue defense buff )

Boril, War defense teams

Boril is currently on all my War defense teams

Especially nice with 4* crit troop to boost defense and minions from War rule undead horde

Defense team defense stat

( 1 + ( 0.3655 - ( 0.0002 * 1095 ) ) ) * ( 1095 ) = 1,255

Merciless RNG

I did not have Boril ( or Cyprian ) for years ( and thousands of USD )

While I do not care for Academy, at least updated HA08 Epic hero recruit training gives new players a better chance at Pseudo 5* heroes ( Classic and Old Challenge events - Rigard, Wu Kong, Boldtusk, Falcon, Boril, etc. )

PS Red has 2x Pseudo 5* heroes, TZS please create a green 4* hero ( preferably available through HA08 ) that is a Pseudo 5* hero


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Hansel could be the green you are looking for in HA8, the fast mana control on a 4* hero can be clutch. Proteus is better for PVE generally because he blocks 3 but some events reflect purple.

Got 2 of him out there so far, #happy.

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Pseudo 4.5* heroes

I love both

But Hansel, and Proteus, are very fragile, with short duration debuffs

I rank them among the Pseudo 4.5* heroes

Melendor, Proteus, Kiril, Buddy, Grimm, Tiburtus, Scarlett, costume Scarlett ( I am told ), Sabrina, Jackal ( v2 pre costume Leonidas, v1 was a Pseudo 6* hero until they nerfed the game’s defense debuff damage formula ), Valeria ( v2, pre Undead Hoarde ), etc.

see also

([Repost] Twin Scarletts, Boldtusk, Falcon and Wilbur walk into a Diamond raid bar OR 3x Pseudo 5* heroes and 2x Pseudo 4.5* heroes OR Saros' Atomic mono red 4* team)


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