Project --- coin dropping events

Hello guys. Once the new challenges started I decided to track my scores and the number of plays and coins received.
I only did it by difficulty, and I have an estimation of the probability of getting a coin after playing one level in a difficulty. I attach results.

It is clear that the probability of getting coins is not the same. I would like to extend this analysis to each level now, instead of difficulty. I want to do this because as you can see (way more plays in rare levels) I have played way more level 3 rare, and I believe the probability of getting a coin is weighted by the amount of flags of each level. That would help to explain the discrepancy in results!

So this is the summary of the project: I record all levels that I play and the amount of coins received from them. Then if we get a big enough sample we can compute an estimation of probability of getting coins, and see if there is some optimal level (considering flag usage). I will need some help to get more data though so everyone is welcome to help!!

I created a google form Event coin dropping form. The form is made to introduce levels separately (so if you decide to make 10 runs in level 3 rare, you do it and then put the data for that level).

For guys more serious about this and that will provide more data, please download this excel sheet Excel file to download and provide data easily that you should fill and then send to me (lineID: ierazo or email: An example of how to fill it is here:

Well the main goal is to start it for this Guardians event in January. As always, all data is welcome and please only submit your data. It must be non-biased, so do not only track the coins received…
It seems like a lot of work, so it is acceptable if you only want to give data for some levels or the ones you can track (as an example, you autofarm during the day so you cannot take note of the levels, but if you play yourself at night, you can submit data from those late night levels only!).

Thanks for the attention. I hope to have data at the end of next week so I can give a first look at results!


Hi guys, just replying to remind of this project to everybody that may want to help!
Again, your results are welcome in the google form or via email using the spreadsheet!!

Hi again, now that the event finished, please everybody that may want to help with their data is welcome!

I have no data to share I I love the idea. Thanks!

Hi to everybody looking up at this thread. I only got data from 1 extra person (besides me of course) so results are not meaningful yet. Will have to wait more events until more people decides to cooperate (even 1-3 runs per level is fine!) to provide results

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