Probably a stupid question, but I'll post it anyway and keep it simple... who gets the darts? Leonidas or Malosi?

  • Leonidas
  • Malosi

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I don’t have any other 5* yellows at all in my roster, nor am I expecting to pull any anytime soon.

I was just about to give them to Leo, but then Malosi showed up to the party at the last minute.

I’m thinking the obvious answer is Malosi…? But I like a good discussion and I’m willing to hear out any “devil’s advocate” responses to the contrary, seeing as how it’s going to be a little while before I can get Mal up to 3/70 anyway.

… andddddd go.

I can’t see anyway Leo wins over Malosi. All the stats favor Malosi, the speed, the special… Rare occasion that it’s so cut and dry.

Figured as much.

I was going to give the darts to Leo (BEFORE I was lucky enough to pull Malosi) because I didn’t think in my wildest dreams that I would pull another HotM anytime soon… and I figured it might be several months still before TC20 gives me a Vivica…

I almost always have really awful luck, but every once in a blue moon, something very very good happens to me… it just so happens that I’ve been working on Leonidas for a while now and he’s currently up to 3/69… one more day and he would have gotten to 70 and I would have fed him all of my darts. I have a hard time believing it’s a mere coincidence that I just “happened” to pull Malosi the day before I was planning on giving my darts to Leo…? Seems like even fate itself is screaming, “Malosi! Malosi! Give the friggin darts to Malosi! I gave him to you for a reason, you fool!!!”

Just thought I’d double check with the experts here first before blindly diving in on a hunch. Thank you! :grin:

I suppose I have a definitive answer now, so I’ll close the poll.

With very fast mana, Malosi will make almost all your opponent 2nd special skills become useless, imagine how big the benefits is. Meanwhile leo only delay opponent mana, and he need longer time to recharge his mana again

Just feed leo to malosi for easier choice if u in doubt, and voila, ur focus now only in malosi

LOL nah I think I’ll at least keep Leo around at 3/70 for yellow stacks, but he won’t be getting darts anytime soon. :smile:

It depends I guess on whether you want to make a good choice or a really bad choice… That would be my expert advice…:thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::face_with_monocle:

Congrats on the pull!

:laughing: thank you.

Nahh I wasn’t looking to make a really bad choice… only reason I was originally going to give the darts to Leo is because I didn’t have anyone else to give them to, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to suddenly pull a Malosi out of thin air for free like that.

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I hear ya, I was just being stupid :rofl::joy:

A good feeling though innit

Heck yeah. I wasn’t even trying to pull him. He was the last thing I expected to see from the costume chamber. But a very happy surprise. Sort of makes up for all the other heroes I wasn’t lucky enough to pull. :smile:

EDIT: and sorry, I’ve been trying to give likes, but I ran out of them about 12 hours ago

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