Poseidon or Joon

I think Poseidon is better but I don’t have June but played against him and he does strong hits but I have Poseidon and he could sometimes take out a purple with one hit I don’t know

Their damage is about the same.

I recommend poseidon as he secures you from negativ mana effects what is usually helpful in pvp and war.

Joons miss chance ability is great, too, but joon is a lot weaker when it comes to take hits.

You should also overthink if you have emblems for one of those.

For example if you have Kingston maxed, you wouldnt have enblems for poseidon. Then joon would be better



I have both…Joon shoots harder, Poseidon a little less
Joon is a little weaker than Poseidon, but has a probability of failure that is very effective.
Poseidon nullifies the Effects of Mana against him and his allies and Blocks new Effects.
I use Joon a lot in Assaults and War.
Poseidon is on my defense team and I use it in war and Titans
Summary Poseidon is slightly better than Joon since they both need at least two shots to kill an enemy.


Everything @Enni says. There is nothing more to add…

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If you have drake, I’d want Poseidon for the variety of his special. :woman_shrugging:

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