Joon or Drake?

Who is the best for my titan team?

I have 6 darts again and I need to make that choise.

Joon. Better tile damage and blind that lasts for 6 turns. He’s been a game changer on my purple titan team.


Drakes Element link raises his own tile damage equal to Jackals base, Vivica equal to Joons base, Guinevere to just below Vivicas base, and Jackal to 802.

You decide :slight_smile:

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If it is only for titans Joon is the clear choice as he does high damage to 1 target and blinds them for 6 turns.

There is only 1 titan after all.

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It’s not as if Drakes special fails if there isn’t 3 targets.
Titan hit quality is judged on damage dealt, not number of times you cause a titan to miss.
Drake is better for damage than Joon.

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Overall Drake is a better choice, but if you’are thinking about titans - go for Joon (stronger tiles and special damage against one target).


I’m comparing their cards and Joon has the higher tile damage and special damage vs. one target. Curious how you calculated that Drake does more damage?

@Ciuscon Your thread title is Joon or Drake? Yet you have Jackal highlighted - so I’m assuming they are your options to replace Jackal…


Power: DRAKE + 12 (This narrows Joons Attack variance as it exceeds the StdD of 6.5)
Attack: JOON + 22
Defense: DRAKE + 76 (this is significant it exceeds the StdD of 58.9)
Health: JOON + 12 (not very noticeable)

Using Razor’s Edge (Card based values) they are scored as follows:
Drake: Ap 22 Dh 24
Joon: Ap 18 Dh 43

Drakes Damage is 38% less than Joons (card attack only), however Drakes Power is 1.5% higher - there is a bit of offset there because the standard deviation between Legendary Heroes Power is narrow (6.5) with the mean of 763.8 of which Joon falls short of the ‘Average’. I usually figure if 2 full StD then its noticeable this is very close.

On the other hand using 7DD’s grades for vsTitan it basically states Drake is B and Joon is an A (based on that teams use of Joon and Drake vs Titans - and they are a large user group).


For 3 turns…
Drakes Damage jumps up past Joons basic to 763
Viv’s Attack matches Joons (a tiny bit better) 749.7
Wu Kong’s Attack increases but his power is weak (still a plus)
Justice’s Attack increases to 693.5
Guins Attack increases to 702.5

Tile Damage however is only better than Joons for the 3 turns (on the card) when comparing only Drake but you need to include everyone that is still standing…

Let’s not forget however Drakes Element Link also gives EVERYONE’S defense a 5% boost as well (I’m not going to run figures on this).

My favorite skill against Titans is CHANCE TO MISS and Drake and Joon both have it - Joons last 2x as long - big advantage!!! The significance of this duration however gets Diminished because of Justice being in your lineup - 4 turns of the same skill… so Drake/Justice cover that together +1 (if she fires).

This probably isn’t helping a lot because they are close for Titan use in your all Holy team. Likely you are going to fire off Wu Kong with the Mana potion, you could also consider firing off Drake as well… I know at the higher level titans which I’m sure your at missing a STUN with a Titan because of Wu can be a downer (but he’s still best chance for huge scores).

They are both good. Because you have Justice - I’m going to definitely lean toward Drake (if you didn’t it would be a coin toss to me). If you were to consider using them outside of Titan’s - it’s my opinion that Drake is one of the most ‘BALANCED’ heroes in the game right now. As well his versatility in positions is better than Joon’s.

Good Luck - they are both great Heroes!


Viv jackal drake joon wu

Done and done, decent boards = 80k to 100k+ hits


@Rigs now you made it easy no fair!? Given the option to Dump one of the healers clearly you want Drake and Joon in there together! I didn’t know we get to make that decision LMAO - yeah do this instead… ha ha


Hey sweet Lady!!!
(shhhhhh… wisper wisper Fong’s wisper wisper Power wisper Card wisper wisper Wrong)… :cold_sweat:

See what that across the board SGG Card change has done to us…


Lol just make sure u put joon to the right of drake and fire drake then joon for max amount of miss chance

Our last dark 12, i did almost 300k with 4 hits so definitely the combo i go with


Element link, you can mana Drake up from the start if you want or just let it kick in naturally, it lasts for 6 turns so is fairly easy to keep it active for the entire fight.

OPs offensive team tile damage, highest to lowest with Joon vs Drake and element link;
Jackal 764 vs 802
Joon 749 vs Drake 763
Viv 714 vs 750
Wu 707 vs 742
Guin 669 vs 702

Add them together for some perspective on the advantage and it’s 3603 vs 3759
Joon has the passive advantage of double the blinding timespan but ignoring the obvious solution of “use arrows”, drake also has the passive defence boost meaning he can keep people alive longer, so more healing from Viv and Guin which can mean more blinding from Drake. Joon, Jackal, Wu are all paper thin heroes who can get one shotted by big titans and can sometimes lead to large portions of the fight where you have no blinding, gamblers stance or debuff.

I love Joon for raiding but if you look deeper than the attack stats on the face of the card, Drake is a better choice for titans.

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whisper whisper

Darn old HOTM pool list!

steals yours :wink:

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Hello Community,

I play the game for the past 8 months and just pulled my 3rd 5* hero Joon, after Drake Fong and Kageburado. As i am missing only one pair of Darts to fully Ascend a Yellow hero, who do you think that Hero should be? Joon or Drake? That’s a real dilemma…

Drake. Hands down. Joon is an awesome sniper but Drake gets my darts.

Drake Fong works pretty well for defenses but Joon is the king on titans and offensive raids.

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This is true. I really like drakes hit at lv80 though. For raids he is amazing.

Drake Fong was my very first 5 star hero, so obviously my opinion on him will be a bit biased because of that. I’ve been using him on raids and Titans for something like 8 months now so I have tons of experience with him. First of all he has an elemental link which buffs all your yellows with 5% defense and attack, this may sound like it isn’t much but it really adds up and begins to make a really big difference once you start stacking those yellows. He is also a total bada** when it comes to his special, it charges up fast and hits 3 targets with a 35% blind. Joon is only single target brut packs a slightly larger punch, and that’s really the only thing that stands out as far as I can tell, Joon is better at focusing down single targets.
I’m rambling this morning so you’ll have to excuse me…anyhow I highly recommend Drake Fong, he is absolutely amazing…oh and this may be much further down the road (if you even have her lol) but his elemental link stacks with Onatel’s! Fun stuff!

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