Swapping Emblems?

My current Def team is:
Alby +7
Athena +7
Ursena +9
Joon +7
Gravemaker +8

I have Rigard +18, Boldtusk +18 and G. Jackal +18 as my only emblem invested 4 star heroes
I also have the following 4 stars with just their 1st talent enabled, as I use them regularly in wars, maps, titans, etc.

Proteus +1
Merlin +1
Gretel +1
Wu Kong +1
Li Xiu +1 (my first ever 4 star)
Triton +1
Kiril +1
Hansel +1
Caedmon +1
Merlin +1
Wilbur +1
G. Falcon +1
Scarlett +1

I have Ariel, Kingston and Ares close to being maxed, and I have a boatload of paladin emblems waiting for Ares.

My current plan is to max Ares and fully emblem him, to ultimately replace Boldtusks’ role on my Green Titan team. Then I’d reset Boldtusk’s emblems for Kingston, and add him to my defense team. I’d also like to reset Rigard and assign his cleric emblems to Ariel, as I think my best defense team will ultimately be:

Ariel (emblemed)
Joon +7
Ursena +9
Gravemaker +8
Kingston (emblemed)

Then I’d have a Athena +7, Alberich +7 and Ares (emblemed) as war depth.

What are your thoughts on this general strategy? Although I love my +18 Rigard and +18 Boldtusk, I’ve essentially pulled the better versions of those heroes in Ariel and Ares, thus my thinking.

Now if only I had a 5* wizard…


Sounds like a good plan.

Your target team, IMHO, would be nastier with Ariel flank and Joon wing.

Healers on wings (other than resurrecters) fire too late to change anything - Joon’s blind works just as well from wing.

I’d swap Joon and GM on your current too…
DoT is more effective earlier with more turns to effect and less time to prepare a cleanse. GM flank hurts, GM wing doesn’t scare me at all.

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I might play devils advocate a little bit and say that you should not take emblems off of BT or Rigard. I am not sure if you have more 5* depth anywhere else, but you are a little thin with healers and BT and Rigard are extremely good at that. You will likely use BT and Rigard in stacks and war for quite some time. You mentioned replacing BT with Ares, which I agree with, but BT still will have a lot use for you. Rigard and Ariel are similar with the cleanse, but again Rigard will have use when you are stacking and 4* tournaments.

My recommendation would be to keep the emblems on your 4*, but then apply all new emblems to Ariel and Kingston. BT is also probably THE best in fighter class because of his special. If he dies with his special full and revives he is able to heal himself and last longer.

I would be ok with BT, but only because red heroes are not needed as much and there are so many other red options. However, I would keep Rigard emblemed up. With costume…it’s not even a question as it turns him into an almost OP hero.

Compare my Rigard to my Khiona and you can see why Khiona is now a bench warmer.

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