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Hello everyone :slight_smile:
Did someone report game crash when trying to do reroll?
Short description and steps how it happened to me twice in last 20 minutes.
I started raid against one player.
I lost that game :frowning:
In the meantime, other player entered the game.
I wanted to attack him again, and got message if I want to reroll.
Clicking on Reroll in this case is shortcut for home screen :slight_smile:

I’ve got an issue with Raids - even if I win, tells me time’s up and deducts trophies

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this seemed to occur Twice.
First I used tickets to on the map. However the game froze and when it restarted, I lost the tickets and flags but received no loot.

then somethings similar happened during my recent war. I was fighting an opponent. I killed 3/4 players left. However when almost killing the last character my phone died. When I logged back in, the reward points were 0, and the player behaved as if it had never been attacked, yet my flag was gone and my characters were shaded out as if I had attacked. I have had my phone die on my before during a war attack, but the attack still recorded properly. Now it does not.

Hi I have a big problem…Last day, I created another account on my dad’s tablet,through the game invitation. After that, I also registered my mail of my big account…And here is the problem,I don’t know how, but I replaced the new account small with my big one,and now, when I log into my big account, he opens me small account… Please help me!!! I am player 4.509 Power and lvl almost 50… please,i have also spent many Money in this years…i give you my credential and screen to my big account and Hope you answer me soon because i have also bought the path of value and other offers…Please help me friends,are 2 days that i dont can play and i lost war and titans …HELP :frowning:

player : VORMULAC


It seems that u have over written ur account, you should contact support for help

Monster chest reward missed.
After killing 100 enemies i didn’t receive chest reward. Just new countdown started… But no reward… This happened to one more alliance member few days ago.

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