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i got 2 Yellow Trainer Hero 3* from Goblin Crate. But after click to redeem, those item didn’t appear in Hero Roster. Please assist. Thanks!

I was playing a match in this weeks tournament, and the game crashed. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android 8 (i’ve updated it to the latest version possible). What happened is that when i used Triton’s special attack on Sonya, the game froze for a few seconds and just closed itself. I didnt get any “this app has closed itself” message or something like that on my phone, the game just closed itself. This resulted in a zero point loss. I had already taken out 3 of the heroes on the other teams, and all my heroes were still alive, so this would have been a win for sure if the game didnt crash :confused:

I guess its hard to pinpoint exactly what caused the bug. It could be something completely random, or even my phone (i kinda doubt that, but who knows). So this report might not do much, but i’d thought i’d just report it anyway. The game has been very stable for me overall. I can only recall it crashing two times in about 2.5 years of me playing it.

On a side note, has there been any talk/explanation/solution on the possibility of avoiding zero point losses like this? I understand that it will result in a loss, otherwise people could just close the app if they saw that they were about to lose, then start over again. But would it be possible to at least get the points up to the point where the app closes (like in my case, i had already taken out 3 heroes before the game crashed, and that wouldnt have given me zero points if i had lost the battle).

Is this the place to report bug?

It seems like Lady Loki is transferring status effect rather than ailment. She transferred JF’s buff to enemy.

I just checked with my JF and loki and it didnt happen to me
after that i checked your opponents defense he got JF in his team so it seems he had casted his skill before you fire Loki

Hi. Nope, it was only left with Kage that time and he had no buffs on. I had my JF’s buff on my team and after I cast lady Loki, I saw with my eyes that my buffs were being transfered to Kage.

I lost a miracle scroll because of a connection error.

Do anyone knows why, at the end of the last event, some of us received nothing???

Hey im tanaki from kyber knight…last 17 hour i get some appologize from server they said that i will get some claim or reedem like world,raid and titan energy…so when i can get that reedem…tq

it just got full, so if your flags were full before that or you didnt notice during the server issue then you wont be able to notice that all your flags got refilled

its a known issue you can check the following topic for more details

also thats the staff response as well from the same topic

Leveled Bai Yeong an hour ago with two small heroes and they took me 3* green training hero. If I wanted to use training hero, I would use yellow not the green one.

hey, i pressed the “fight” button on the 3rd floor of ninja tower, and the flag got consumed and the button did the “loading” gif but nothing happened for several minutes. after exiting the game and re-entering got the “connection error” screen. after several minutes managed to enter the game normally but still lost the ninja flag. is there something that can be done?

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System is showing wrong trophie score.
Currently game is showing 2 diffrent trophies. First one 2413 in watch tower, other one is 2450 in Allience screen. Btw correct one is 2450. I was got revenge (maa yet kan mia) +37 trophies but system did not add to total value.

My nickname is karakovboy.

Bahri AZAR

Game freezes during last quest stage…
I would not normally bother posting…but this has happened twice in one day on the trials of serenity tier 3

Hello, i have a special titan on 01.11.2020. We use harpoons hits 53 and i did not receive titan parts.
Why not?

Check here:

I was in 4th place and no one in the alliance received the special prize, namely the mysterious tonic.

My game freeze on fight in ally war. My phone is Samsung note 9 …this freeze never happened before.

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this bug. I hope so. When I went to the Raid Tournament, the screen said that I was Too 1%, even though I had not played a single battle and my defense had lost six battles in a row, without a single win. Here is a picture:

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