[KNOWN ISSUE] Raid Tournament - Top 1% with 0 attacks

I haven’t done any attacks yet, but it says I’m Top 1%. This morning I was bottom 25%, as I should be. When I open the leaderboard it shows the (probably) correct rank, ao probably not a big deal. But since that never happened before, ai thought I post it here…


After my first attack, everything appeared to be displayed correctly… So just a minor bug. Well, the question is of course if I could technically get top 1% loot if I wouldn’t attack at all :thinking:


I’ve got the same thing. I’m tempted to not play any battles just to see what happens.


It’s been a glitch since the last week’s update

I have it too. Top 1% for no work! Woo hoo!

I too am tempted not to do anything and see what happens.


They care far too much about rushing everything to make money they break everything and don’t test stuff. Or maybe they just need better developers and coders. I dunno. For such a big game, you’d think they would be much better at the “simpler” things like this.


This is nothing new but at least this bug is kind of amusing.


Unfortunately at the end of the first day you would get points for your Defence Team performance… Thus you would move off 0 points & get ranked into the game (probably in bottom 25%).


Thank you for the reports and my apologies for the issue! We are currently investigating this here.


You’ve crushed my hopes and dreams and don’t see a reason to live. jumps off bridge :laughing:


zero points - top 1% ranking.

Screenshot from Monday evening:


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Spoil sport

20 of them

So day 1 of the tournament. Havent attacked anyone yet. Been attacked already and defense team won. My score is currently 0 but yet I am in the top 1%. Very unsure as to why. I will not use any flags today and check if same scenario exists tomorrow.

This issue has been raised and brought about several times already peppered throughout the various posts on related topics. I guess it’s just a visual bug that will get corrected sooner or later. I wouldn’t worry too much about this.


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Are we having tournament problems again? I just went in for my first battles and saw this:

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