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My game progress and all my heros were lost this morning. I play with bluestacks and my game ID is #. How do I restore to last night?

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U need to contact support

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Hi @Aestra, welcome to the Forum!

As @Expired said, you’ll need to contact Support.

Instructions for doing so are here:

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Welcome @aestra :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t purchase anything. This is the only game I’m having issues with…

**Attacked twice with purple heroes on the target and the target didn’t take any dmg… **

It seems that all your heroes had boosted health ( from Garnet), which means Sartana and Khiona’s damage had only reduced / took out the boosted HP and only a small amount of the original Killhare’s HP.
Could that be the case?

Yes must be, srry to bother thank you

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I did not collect my path of Valor rewards even thought I have completed it today the new path of Valor opened and I lost all my previous POV rewards it open today 7:00 pm Australia time is there any way I can get them back please?

I have an issue that I have noticed for a few days. My healers get to full mana, I click on them. Absolutely nothing happens until a next round or even following round. The health of the other heroes on the team does not improve until the next or even following turn. It has never happened before. My profile name is Joy in the game and I am in Dark Skies.

If you can look into this that would be great.

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