Would you mind helping me with defensive team?

Hello, I was wondering if I could get some advise on who I should (out of my 5 stars) put together to make the best defensive team I can, and know where to use emblems.


Mum Alice Kunch Joon Lia

Mum Joon Aegir Ares Sarta

Posey Aegir Ursl LotL Marja

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You have many options…
MN, joon, kunchen,lianna, Sartana

While you level the others…

I like neith for example


I guess I’m asking to pretend they are all maxed out. Who would be the best (in your eyes) option for a defensive team? I really appreciate the feedback. I’m just kinda learning how to put a team together and am grateful for your thoughts and recommendations.

My last option would be your toughest def imo.

Hitting tank is mandatory, supporting tanks aren’t that scary.

Supporting or healing flanks to advance midbattle and fast wings for the finish.

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Mother north, neith, kunchen,Evelyn,sartana

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Cool. I just ascended Poseidon so I don’t have any darts but Neith would be the next to go for yellows. I am about to ascend Alice, Ursena, and either Kingston Evelyn or Tarlak. I’m really hoping for a great Red hero to compliment my reds. Of course Ariel would be amazing for my blues as well. Then I could use Ariel Poseidon and Ursena and get their bonus together. I think those are both good options you’ve given me as well. Thank you very much for the input. I have a lot of emblems for each one and need to decide where to focus them. All but Monk actually.

What about Mother North in place of Lady of the Lake, since having Lady and Ursena would divide my sorcery emblems? That would still have a good kick don’t you think?

Oh I forgot about Lady’s minions doing -10% mana. That’s a big help. Maybe I should have ascended her first. LoL. Should have realized that.

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I have 2 Mums (+3,+4), but LotL+3 is on my def. She’s so awesome, since she is able to prevent a whole team from charging.

LotL is an earlier win. If you run Mum, you have to rely on her to rezz your bodies.

Keeps me well @ ~2.6K cups.

It’s not ranbow but two yellows could punish a yellow stack against Kunchen.

Red is your weakest colour, Ares is not a good fit for that team, Marjana is not talented and she doesn’t hit hard at all.

In the future, Grazul would not fit either. I can only imagine Azlar or Elena in that team. But I know a lot of people would be against putting 3 slow heroes on defence.