Vanda or Gefjon?

Up until a couple of months ago, red was my weakest colour. But gatcha being gatcha, I’ve been snowed under with reds! I’ve just ascended and levelled QoH, Azlar costume is getting there… but Vanda, Gefjon and Baldur’s have dropped, and I need help on who to work on. Here are all my reds of note, to give you an idea.image|690x385

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You already have grazul so gefjon 100%


Gefjon is excellent sniper.

Vanda can still functionally well on 3.70 and wait for next turn.

U can see on my youtube channel how awesome gefjon is:

And here’s vanda

Between those two, gefjon first


Do you hate using blue heroes or what


Looking at your roster (You have Grazul but not Marjana) I´d choose Gefjon.

I don’t have many good blue and i already familiar with the team i used on the video. they are flexible enough to be used on any occasion and any tank. (Also i’m too lazy changing team so prefer to use the same team on many occassion)


You lucky monster, I went for probably 120 pulls chasing any of these and didn’t get either.

Anyways, as was pointed out, Vanda basically serves same role as Grazul which is protecting from the ailments before they happen. Yea other parts of their specials are slightly different but that’s like 80% of what the card does. Meanwhile Gefjon is a sniper, rare specialty among reds, and seeing that you don’t even have Marjana, it looks like a 100% only choice.

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Def. Gefjon as only her and Marjana are Red Snipers. Gefjon is much fun going up against Seshat.

“No, that’s my replicator minion now and I just smacked you good too”.


@Suicide_Bunny, I’ve used Censures method four times now, and it’s worked every time. A good 5* in ten pulls

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@pb9921, good point about snipers, thanks.

As a long-time owner of Seshat but non-owner of Gefjon I cannot begin to express how much I disapprove of this sentiment. Fun indeed. Humph.

I just can’t imagine what defence would be like with someone else on left wing :cry:


That is indeed fun.

It is slighly more fun to steal a minion from Bera, then have that same Bera minion bite Bera so that next time Bera is unable to create more Bera minions because of the original traitor Bera minion


I apologise. But I specifically seek out teams with a Seshat wing or flank. At best she turns into a vanilla Domitia (Noor’s minions hit) and at worst she becomes a Domitia who gifts me with replicator minions (Gefjon hits), the gift that keeps on giving

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Funny thing is, now since I have Gefjon, I haven’t come across another team with Bera on defense yet.

They are quite rare. Freyas are a lot more common, but even then they are not actually that common.

Which is a shame, as I find these matchups the most fun. So I have to settle for humiliating Seshats


As I just got lucky and got vanda with the last single pull i was going to make on this portal, i was going to ask the same question. Then i saw this thread already exists.

I already got my Gefjon on third ascension. My maxed 5* are Zimkitha, Tyr, Kong, JF, Azlar. So Zim amd Kong are already cleansers which substitutes well for a missing grazul or vanda. Tyr is not a full power sniper, but sturdy af. Still leaning towards gefjon but both are awesome for sure…

EDIT: I could emblem up Vanda though, as I have no maxed 5* sorcerer so far. I’m currently low on ranger emblems. Just brought seshat to +18 and have also finley on +18.

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They will both be very useful, and will both likely contribute to a more positive win/loss ratio.

But I don’t think Vanda could be nearly so much fun as Gefjon… and note that you can’t get a stronger sniper in the game when there are any minions on the target, and without any minions she is the second strongest sniper behind Lianna with costume bonus. Mine is at 4/80/18 (attack path) after fully stripping Lianna - well worth it! As you well know a Gefjon at 3/70 is just not usable in high level raids, she is unlikely to survive to steal any minions and her hit will be somewhere north of a tickle

(You like moths Bera? Eat your own moth! The irony! Bwa hahahaha…)


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