Please help trying to figure out how to arrange my teams

Please help me I’m trying to figure out which heroes to level up… and which ones to put with which

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Screenshot your ascension items so people can better advise you.

Sonya, Boril, Buddy, Sabina, Grimm.

Bane, Brienne, Belith, Hawkmoon, Kailani.

If you want to keep 3* later, do also the Atlantis heroes.

@Olmor thank you so much …what about my team 1 that is my strongest team right now …so should I ascend buddy before ascending elkanen

Try to have 2 rainbow 4* teams first before working on your 5’s. Looks like it will be a while before you can ascend a 5* fully anyway.

Finish Tibs, Gormek, Kiril and Buddy. Sabina, Grimm, Sonya and another Buddy would Be useful too.

@Mananabas thank u …yeah the sturdy shields aren’t being very friendly to me lol

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