Please defense?

I would like to help friends for the best defense team at the moment …

I would also like to know of some possible change when I can maximize others too … thanks … @Kerridoc

Can you post your entire roster (sorted by power) and your ascension items please? If you use the hero tab it makes it easier for everyone to view your options in one image to give appropriate advice. Adding ascension items helps if you want advice on leveling priorities. :wink:

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Alby - Onatel - Kunch - GM - Magni

Would make me the most upset.

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Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot my friend

I’m super jealous and you are leagues ahead of me. @Rigs @Kerridoc @Razor are a few off the top of my head that can give better advice or tag others who can. :wink:


Thanks for help…good luck my friend

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I’d go Alby, Drake, Aegir, GM, Sartana.

That would be a reroll for me

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Tons of options without a this is it.

Alby Ona Ariel Gravey Khia

Alby Zimi Aegir Drake Kunch

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Excellent sugestions…thanks

Excellent sugestions…thanks a lot

Thanks a lot my friend…

Khiona :nerd_face:

20 Khias…

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