Been playing foolishly for a while. Just looking for advice one what direction to go

I have wasted man 3 and 4 star heroes playing blindly.

Recently started reading up a bit and im just hoping to get a little advice on wich way to start creating better teams with what ive got. Maybe who to focus more on leveling up and possible better team lineups. Thank you.

sorry for the messed up…yea hope the screenshots work also i have 1 bane

You have some good heros, get Richard going, Buddy is Awesome, Sabina is also good. You will need 6 teams for AW so its up to you if you want to level a few at a time or 1 at a time, i did 1 of each colour, so 1 team then the next

My advise all of them above good for raid,Titan,War

I was the same at the beginning, then changed alliances and got a lot of help on who to work on. I focussed on getting a good 4* rainbow team built, then chose a few heroes as I got them and their specials helped my game play. 5* heroes take a very long time to level so I choose one every now and then (that I have the mats for) and put everything into that hero for a few days/week. Then go back to levelling my second rainbow team of 4* heroes.

Work out which heroes fit your style of play, the areas of the game you prefer to play, and build a team to suit.

Are you part of an alliance? If not, it’s gonna be a pleasure to have you with us. In my alliance, we can help you. search for us: Guardians of the Sauce.

I am but it says right in the description “just wanted to fight a titan.” lol ive been looking for a more teaching type. Gonna go search ya now

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