Please help me understand ascension

Hey everyone,

I’ve been playing the game for almost two months now. In that time, I have fully leveled a handful of 3* heroes and had gotten started on some 4*s, including Kiril and Wilbur. Without really understanding the true scarcity of ascension materials, I pushed them to the final tier and have been working to fully level them.

I’m now at a point where I have a number of heroes stuck in the ascension process. I have 4 4* heroes stuck in tier 3, and 2 5* heroes stuck in tier 2. In two months, I had only collected a couple compasses and a couple gloves. I’ve never had enough shields to ascend a green hero.

I see on the challenge event that the epic and legendary completion rewards include a compass and fine gloves, respectively. My A team is around 3k power, so while I think I can pull off epic, I don’t think I’ll finish legendary.

Even if I could, that would give me one half of the requirements for one hero :slight_smile:

Is this how ascension is meant to work? It seems like an unbearably slow process. At this pace, it seems like I could be able to fully ascend (not fully level) a 4* hero every… 1-2 months? Assuming my current drop rates were average and not favorable.

What am I missing here? How can I be more strategic in obtaining the right items? Or is it really just a slot machine and there’s nothing I can do to advance other than just waiting?


Yes, that is pretty much how it works. You can also get ascension materials in the various loot chests, rare quests and purchased special offers.

Everyone is waiting on ascension materials.




(Some people have plenty of ascension materials but are waiting on the right heroes to ascend.)


Lucky you, then.

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Both Kiril and Wilbur are good heroes, you’ll use them for a long time, grats!

Ascension materials are rare, but it will get a bit easier to acquire them after you have a full rainbow 4*.

Typical sources:
Titans - bigger titan and more damage on a titan give a chance for more mats
Titan chest
War and war chest
Elemental chest
Events, quests
Raid, monster chest - very rarely, but happens

And possible to buy as well, depending on your budget.

War and titan are dependent on your alliance, easier to grow in an active team.

Ascension materials for 5* heroes are even more scarce than for 4*, ask others if you are uncertain!

I’m cheap2play (vip offer and some deals), after 9 month of playing I have 18 maxed 4 star, 2 maxed 5 star and enough mats for the 3 5 stars I’m working on.

Good luck! :blush:

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Thank you, but I don’t think it’s any luckier to be waiting on heroes than it is to be waiting on ascension materials. One will always needs something unless one is willing to buy anything.

I would MUCH rather be waiting on heroes! If I had to choose.

Hmm. Overall, disappointing news, but thank you all for weighing in.

It does seem that the money I have spent on this game hasn’t quite been spent well. I mostly spent for more pulls, i.e. more heroes, and that may have compounded my ascension woes.

I’ll keep an eye out for those deals that include ascension items and hopefully that will help.

I am encouraged to here that you have fully ascended 18 4* heroes in 9 months, @SilverDragonR. I was starting to think I’d get a hero or less a month, and I’d prefer to try heroes to build my team, rather than just screenshotting my team and asking the community to tell me which ones to work on.

Thanks again all!

To ascend just download this and it will help you.
All AMs needed and the amount of food.

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Very helpful chart @Jedon. Thanks. If I’m looking at this correctly though, does blue have a slight advantage? It’s first set uses Battle manuals - and it’s the only color to do so - where red and yellow compete for chain shirts and green and purple compete for scabbards.

It been made in the first place by some one else I think from 7DD alliance so the credits are not mine.
They also made it in a pdf mode file with better explaining but I failed uploading that file sadly … so I think with time some one from 7DD will come and post the correct thing to complet the goal of posting them.
I just had it long ago and thought It might help. About the sccabards I think some thing was needing the tall boots but as I got tons of the farmble items I don’t notice that any more.
Sorry if my answer aint that good or helpful I thought it would be.

@Kerridoc I know you are a 7D member so would you ask some one to post the full pdf file here?
@RandaPandah I need your information for our guy here please :slight_smile:

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Please note that for me growth was not linear, I got less mats in the beginning and then more after my primary team got stronger. So the early stages required some patience.

I put up a goal for myself to build a war bench with 30 ascended 4 and 5 stars, so I do same color feeding to get max xp out from the feeders. I often work on 1 hero per color, ca 10x 1 stars until special is maxed, then 1 and 2 stars until hero maxed.

There are a lot of good resources about heroes on the forum, Anchor’s hero grading and you can also try them during farming and raids. That shows if a hero fits your playing style on offense, but defense team is more about thinking of something than benchmarking in a few days at least.

Really? I have mats to fully level 8 Legendary heroes, but would have better use of having the heroes and level them to 3/70 than have mats collecting dust

Yes, this, exactly. The more people buy additional summons, the more tendency there is to feel short on ascension materials.

But what that does accomplish is that you can choose to spend your limited ascension materials on better heroes that you’re truly excited about. And making those choices of priority for resources is ultimately what this game is about.

And as @SilverDragonR said, Wilbur and Kiril are excellent choices to have taken to their final ascensions.

So you’re doing great! Just keep at it for a couple more years and everything will fall into place. :laughing:

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Hey, I’ve been there, we all have. Ascension materials are one of the most scarce items in this game (along with solid 4* and 5* heroes for some), so at least you’re a little ahead of the curve on your heroes.

I was short on compasses when I first started; I don’t think I started seeing them consistently come in until about three to four months in. When you can complete intermediate (and advanced) in challenge events, and complete all rare quests, you’ll be on a steady path of getting the mats you need to ascend.

If you do more pulls than purchasing mats, you will have a shortage of mats a lot sooner than if you never purchased anything at all. If you go this route, you’ll be given a choice on who to ascend, rather than just ascending whoever you have at that time. So there is an advantage to summoning heroes with cash, but only a slight one.

Are you in an alliance? Are you participating in wars and hitting the Titan? What star titan are you hitting? How many chests do you fill a day? Are you watching Mystic Vision every chance you get? Are you finishing every rare quest and challenge event? All of these are important questions, and the biggest ways to receive mats in this game. I’ll explain below:

All In-Game Opportunities to Get Unfarmable Mats:

  • Rare Quests - These always include a guaranteed 3* and 4* material. Best consistent resource of mats in this game.

  • Challenge Events - These happen monthly, guaranteeing you 3* mats upon completion of intermediate and advanced

  • Seasonal Events - These happen annually (and right now, there are four seasonal events in rotation), including at least one guaranteed 3* and 4* mat (sometimes two)

  • Titan Loot - Loot Tier IX is the most ideal for loot (three mat rolls), giving you three slots to potentially get unfarmable mats. A+ on a 6*, A on a 7*, B on an 8*, and C on a 9* Titan. Anything below that would be two rolls

  • Wanted Mission Chests - Very rarely do these have mats, but I’d say at least weekly you’ll see at least something of note, especially if you skip the wait time to fill several in one day. Definitely a solid way to spend gems when you’re chasing after mats and elementals

  • Elemental Chests - Filling more Wanted Chests a day will give your more opportunities for an elemental chest to pop up in it’s place. These always have two slots for mat rolls (3* or 4*). Although, they can be farmables 3* mats, these chests have a lot of other goodies inside as well

  • Mystic Vision - If planned correctly, you can watch MV ~1.5 times a day. These drop mats even more rarely than chests, but it does happen.

  • War Loot - Okay, I very rarely see anything good from war, but it’s possible. Always worth participating anyway, because you never know if you’ll get something good from it.

  • War Chest - These are similar to elementals, where they include two slots for mats (3* & 4*), but they could also be farmables 3* mats as well. The only thing is, you’ll want to be sure you’re participating in every war to ensure your chest is at 100% participation, in order to get the two mat rolls. Anything less than 80% (I believe) doesn’t amount to nearly as much.

  • Atlantis Portal - After you make 10 pulls in the Atlantis portal, you get a chest with a guaranteed unfarmable ascension item. You’re only allowed 9 chests per portal, but it’s a great way to get the heroes you’re after, while also getting a few mats you may need. If you don’t fill all 9 chests that round, your progress will carry over to the next portal (ex. Only did 3 pulls, chest next time will read 3/10)

  • Purchases - Occasionally SG will offer pop-up deals, ranging in price, with guaranteed mats. They’re usually good deals, with similar gem costs to the shop, but also include mats and other goodies. If you already plan to make pulls at a later time, these offers are better than buying gems straight from the shop. Honestly, if you’re on a budget, I would never buy gems from the shop and only purchase these deals since they’re more cost- effective in the long run.

Honestly, the best tips I can give you to fulfilling most of these would be to start working on your 4* teams. 4* can be used in intermediate and advanced [in the challenge events] and they’re also strong enough (once maxed) to complete everything listed above. They’re your best bet with helping you get more mats for more of your heroes. 3/60 4* can complete intermediate, and I believe rare quests as well, although you may have to use quite a bit of items, or the 75 gems to continue; it’s definitely worth it if there’s an unfarmable mat involved.

Unfortunately, this game is all about patience. Once your team becomes more developed, and you yourself become stronger, you will see an increase in mat drops. It may take a couple of more months until you get there, but after awhile, you’ll eventually start swimming in 3* mats and start really lacking 4* mats. This game is definitely a grind, but that’s the beauty of it. You will always have to work for whatever you have; money doesn’t change that. It can be frustrating at times, but it’s also what makes this game so great.

While you wait, take all of your important 4* to the mat wall, and if you run out of 4* to work on, start on some 3*. They can be used in the beginner tier, which includes a free flask upon completion. Plus, they’ll help fill out your roster for stacking and war, and are very cheap and quick to level.

If you ever have questions, this forum is a great resource to learn everything regarding this game. & This community is awesome, so if you have any specific questions that you can’t find the answer to through a search, there are plenty of people here that would be happy to help (including me).

Good luck on your mat hunt; I hope you get all of the necessary mats that you need soon. :blush:

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Yes, really.

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