Ascension item mystic rings

Just a quick thought/concern. How am I supposed to ascend one of my players if I cant get the items needed. I have a five star (elena) stuck on level 3 but need a total of 6 mystic rings and only have one. There has to be other ways to acquire items if you cant get them.

Any thoughts or comments are most appreciated.

All 4* ascension materials are hard to come by, including mystic rings. The Mount Umber rare quest has one guaranteed, which just came by a few day ago. Otherwise you can hope for rare mats from Titans, raid tournaments, war loot, and monster/hero chests. They’re hard to come by, but you should get one reasonably often if you stay active.


Thank you. I’m pretty active on the game so that’s not the problem.

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Whenever Mount Umber rolls around, that is a guaranteed ring. The rest is all rng based. If you get an elemental chest, that is usually your best bet to get the rare 3 star and 4 star ascension mats. It might not be the one you want but later down the road you will be very thankful to have them. I am lucky to even have four of them and I don’t even have a 5 star fire hero. I don’t even have any five star heroes period.

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