Please help me decide on my roster (sartana or tiburtus)

Hi there people :slight_smile: here are my heroes atm

I know, i completely lack focus, i just got more into the game recently and aim to improve that. My main goal is completing the rare quests, hopefully epic events and titans. Basically where the mats are. Atm im aiming to level this team:

And after that focus on this team so i can color stack more efficiently

My question is
1- do you think i’m focusing on the right hero combinations? Right now i have mats to fully ascend grimm and one yellow and purple (yellow would be li xiu i guess, no luck with wu).

2- do you think i should have sartana at 3/70 or tiburtus at 4/70? i only have one tabard, so 4/80 is long way away for sartana atm. But having both tib and Grimm at full would force in one team would force me to forfeit some other useful role in the team, or is this a good combo?

Sartana, khagan, melendor, grimm and bane have been my main team so far and they performed well, but starting to hit the wall. only recently have i been able to replace some of them for some successful color stacking.

All suggestions are welcome and thanks for reading this :slight_smile:

1, your first team looks nice. The secondary goals oer color are also fine, however overall seems to have too many healers. But the time you are ready with a few from the primary heroes, you might get new ones.

2, Tib Rigard Sartana - or Sartana before Rigard if you get closer to having enough tabards. I used Gormek and Tib together for a while, it’s nit ideal, but also no problem because they are not charged at the same time.

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First, the snark. That is not a team, it’ a Rothko.

Instead pf reading up on color stacking, lpok at attack stats: Scarlett at 3^60 is better than Khagan at 2^60. Attack stats focus on tile damage which is where you start. Color stacking her with Gormek if you are hot for titans.

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I would recommend that you check out this website really well done if a defensive team is your focus then go to the hero utility on the right side, you can plug in your hero’s and it will rate them in each position.

Some other advice at least for defense is the order of your hero’s can make a difference. You can also check out Anchors guide to heros

I will tell you Sartana is the top purple period right now for a defensive team and she hits like a truck, but Tibertius may be better short term if you have no talbards. Chances are you won’t have a problem getting 8 more trap tools in the time it takes to get 5 more talbards. But really check out both those guides, and make the best informed decision you can. Anchor is a member of the top alliance in the game, and although some people disagree with his ratings he really does spend a lot of time and effort on them and they have never steered me wrong :). Hope this was helpful. Also make sure to look at where each hero should be for defense in both guides. In general from left to right you want someone who removes negative effects on you heros (Riggard) then a healer or party buffer (whoever you have boldtusk, Kiril etc.) then some tanky person (Justice or Li Xiu, Mana steal can be nasty) , then a person who weakens the enemies or removes buffs from them (Cadmeon, Tibertius) and last you heavy hitter (Scarlett maybe)

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Try Melanor, Grimm, Li Xiu, Boltusk and Sartana for defense. :slight_smile :Later you could try switching in Tibertius, Kiril and Cadmeon for the appropriate colors but would want to change the team position to this maybe,

Boldtusk or Kiril, Tibertius, Boldtusk or Kiril, Li Xiu and Cadmeon. Boldtusk and Kiril can make deadly center tanks at low levels, they are really hard to kill, especially Kiril

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Thank you all for the responses! :slight_smile: i actually did read upon anchors guide and did use the utility but had a bit of trouble understanding the ratings beyond the general hero grade. Probably the main dilemma for me was that sartana is considered so good and i lack snipers (she performs good even at this low level) I tried to search for her 3/60 stats but not sure if she would be better than full tib at this level. she also obviously cannot be used in epic events :confused:

completely agree it’s too healer heavy, was considering using LJ instead of melendor but he has been my staple healer and has come a long way too. i guess we’ll see about that one.

Khagan will leave main team as soon as boldusk gets a bit stronger and then I’ll work on scarlett.
So i guess i got the green light for the first rainbow team of fours? :slight_smile: i will definitely try to experiment bit more with positioning and combinations

And if you have more comments id like to know of course :slight_smile:

Pick your order

Li Xiu





If you come up against a team with Colen (DOT), swap Rigard in for Tibs and Grimm in for Kiril

Li xiu kind of worries me, her damage is not really stellar and her mana is only really ok in boss stages. i suppose she is more oriented toward raiding. i’m still waiting for my tc13 to gift me with wu :confused: i managed to handle the shirkewood today, but it was a tough call (had some luck, used a few items and one miracle scroll).

will try to do second half of advanced stage of morlovia, although i’m quite sceptical about it. do you guys have suggestions for that maybe?

grimm reached final ascension and i think BT will hit 3/60 soon. after that all the focus goes to scarlett and kiril. funilly enough, i was thinking about prioritising kelile over scarlett, since i lack snipers, but i guess she will have to wait some other, better time :slight_smile:

I will tell you, it might help with your Tibertius delima, Grimm is widley considered the best of the ramming pulverize hero’s as far as damage goes, Tibertius is somewhere in the middle and Gormek the weakest (although Gormek has a ton of hit points). Grimm and Sartana as a team would hit like a truck. Where as Kiril and Tibertius would be much more survivable just depends on which strategy you like :). There isn’t really a wrong answer on either of those options for attack, defense or Titan’s just depends on who you surrounded them with. Do you like to hit hard and fast or just out last your enemy in a slugging match?


Li Xiu is more for your defense team and some special missions. That is until you can level Justice who is a pretty good center tank on defense.

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I definitely already love grimm! Took him a while to get there but he’s amazing. But, it will probably take some time to level kiril since all my feeders go to grimm to reach that 4/70.

For now, tibertius remains the only viable 4* option for me, at least as far as the damage goes, since i cant afford another healer in a group right now (already levelling melendor, bt and kiril next). I guess he will be a good substitute for grimm when going against the red enemies. But i’m still thinking maybe pushing sartana to 3/60 after him. She has been amazing so far and snipers seem to be my weak spot ( atm caedmon is getting is getting there too).

Right now i would say im more slugging it out type, but that is the limitation of my roster, rather than choice.

As for my yellows, i will probably leave li xiu at 3/60 and focus on chao. Looks like he might be a better option for attack in the end, right? I mean, defense and war are my secondary goals, main thing is being able to finish all those sweet quests to farm asc mats.

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