What to level order - overwhelmed! Help please

So I have some high level heroes. My 4 green + Kiril (Team 6) get me through most things. Rigard and Cyprian useful subs, although my Defense options are pretty lame. I’m definitely suffering in some parts of the game without more blue and red, that much I know.

Should I finish Leonidas and Sartana? Or work on my Blues and Reds first?

Priority next - any advice?

And my mats

My order would be sth like this:


Maybe some feeders to legends in between.


In my honest opinion, I would finish off Leonidas and then work up Sartana and for your 4 star:
Guardian Jackal
And get Telluria as far as you can
Then Sonya and Triton
Good luck


I often level one hero per color at the same time.

  • Yellow: finish Leonidas as he is almost maxed, then Jackal.
  • Purple: you got mats for Sartana so go with her, and work on Proteus (best 4*) as soon as possible. Tiburtus can wait.
  • Red: Wilbur, Boldtusk, Kelile.
  • Blue: Grimm, then Triton, Sonya.
  • Green: Melendor (and finish Tarlak when you have mats).

Leonidas is close enough that you might as well finish him. You could do Sartana to 3/70, but I’d concentrate on getting some breadth with four stars before ascending her to fourth tier. She should still work as a (slightly squishy) sniper while you come with the four stars.

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I agree Proteus over Tib. And I don’t have any Purple legend better than Sartana worth the mats. If we all waited until we pull Kunchen or Seshat, we might die sooner. But then I do have a good sniper in Kingston. So perhaps building depth elsewhere first might be better strategy.

I like Tarlak a lot. His skill is maxed, but at 3/70 he is a little squishy. But should I not favor Potions for Telluria first?

Boldtusk & Wilbur get a lot of positive reviews. I hear good things about Scarlett and Kelile.

Guardian Falcon was a surprising thumbs up.

Melendor is popular I know,

Grimm, Sonya and Triton all make sense. But I think adding Boril to my current bench is the only way I can complete Springvale this year (for that much needed potion).

I wasn’t saying not to ascend her (she’s actually a must-have, even for the big spenders), but to wait for her ascension until you have some more purples ready. Taking a 5* from 4/1 to 4/80 lasts about as long as taking a 4* from 1/1 to 4/70, so you get more heroes for your time… You should really have 2-3 maxed heroes in each color before going to 5*s.

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So you should complete some 4* to build more depth and you can hold your 4* mats a little while while leveling the remaining 4s

I would max:
R- Wilbur, Boldtusk, Scarlett
B- Grimm, Sonya, Mireweave
Y- Jackal, Li Xiu
G- Melendor, Gaderius, Skittleskull and her costume if you can grab it
P- Proteus, Cheshire, Tibs

You can color level a rainbow set it will bring the depth faster while only leveling just 4s, definitely make Wilbur/Grimm/Jackal/Melendor/Proteus your first set as those heroes will be used even alongside 5s.

Then you can work on a few 5s and you may have more options/mats by then as well.

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Its good to know Sartana is still worth the mats regardless of those other legend Purples that cause headaches.


Telluria is awesome. Tarlak is useful everywhere. It’s just a matter of preference :smiley:

Boril is good if you have to fight against strong heroes or bosses. However, I find him a bit boring since I like offense style more, and I think you need some blue hitters. Perhaps Grimm first then Boril :wink:

I’m super unlucky with purple so I have two of her maxed. She’s not fancy, but she gets the job done.

To the OP:

You’ve got a nice selection of 4s that will definitely keep you busy while you continue to accumulate mats for your 5s. (And with only 9 4*s maxed, I’d focus efforts on deepening your bench for war)

Echoing much of the advice above… finish Leo. Take sartana to 3/70 since she’s already on the third tier. Clarissa is coming so you may want to wait on maxing her.

Definitely wilbur and BT. I’d go Scarlett over kelile.

Triton and Sonya are solid choices. I’d max Grimm and give him some emblems. His attack stats are impressive and will save you scopes with Isarnia.


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Came here to comment, stayed for the high res images


Yes finish leo as he is almost done. Focus on ur 4 stars to add depth to your roster. Proteus and if u ever get another level that one two. 2 will save u on events. Boldtusk Wilbur Grimm sonya jackal melendor tibs are highest priorities. Then max sartana. Telluria should be your first nature 5 star. Even tho isarnia and elena are slow heroes they have high tile damage and will help on titans and both have great costumes.

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