Tiburtus Maxed Now or Sartana later?

Few days ago I pulled up Sartana in my summon, I currently have her 2/43. Tiburtus I have 3/42. I have 5 trap tools & 4 royal tabards. Should I wait to get the 3 trap tools & 2 royal tabards to fully max out Sartana, or should I just use the 4 trap tools on Tiburtus to max him out as his -34% defense for 6 turns and him maxing out would really benefit me on holy titans. As Sartana would really benefit me on my defense team on raids, and would be my 2nd most powerful hero. I honesty feel Tiburtus would be beneficial as he would would help me a ton on holy titans as in my alliance we are up to 6/7* titans and he dies constantly so maxing him out would probably stop that. What’s every one else’s opinion?

It depends on what else do you have. Tiburtus is a defense debuffer. This is a very useful skill. But if you have Grimm, Gormek or Wilbur, then Tuburtus is not that valuable.

On the other hand, by the time you get two Tabards you might get more Trap tools. So, you can level Tiburtus now and Sartana when tabards are available.

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Tiburtus. Chances are very, very good that you’re going to get three more Trap Tools before you get two more Tabards.

Tiburtus is worth a max, anyway, so you’ll be happy with him until you can finish Sartana.

I agree. Go with Tibs first. You’ll probably have enough trap tools by the time you get the Tabards. Personally, I took her to 3/70 before I got him. I now have him at 4/70 and am still waiting on my last 2 Tabards for her to go to 4/80. Take him all the way, then her to 3/70. Together, they make a great pair as well.

If you keep working on 5s that you can’t max without having at least 8 of your core 4s maxed (Tib being one of them) you’ll end up with a bunch of half useful, mostly useless heroes. Focus on getting your 4s out of the way to have a good foundation and good heroes that you can mix and match your 5s later.

Finish Tiburtus, is my opinion…


I didn’t read your text carefully enough earlier, if you don’t have all mats for Sartana, then Tiburtus is much better. A fully leveled 4* will be more useful than a partially leveled 5*.

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