How to use Buddy

I just pulled Buddy,I guess my question is where in line up should he be and is he when worth leveling up.

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He’s an excellent 4 star tank.

I also utilize him in the flank to protect tank and wing with minions.


Easily top ten 4 banger.

He’s also the only green dude to have defense down as an ability. Congrats on the pull!


Blue Titans - He is currently the only green hero with a defense down attack. He is critical for titan green stacks.

Virtually a 5* - His damage is weak, but his durability is right up there with the 5s. He can withstand 5-star defenses and 14-star titans. Extra bonus…he doesn’t require 5-star mats and doesn’t need emblems.

Tournament Tank - Of all the green 4* possibilities, he comes out on top. Gaadeirus is second and Kash third.

Meat Shield Minions and Atk Down - Adds to his and teams durability.

Buddy is currently a key hero in the game and IMO, the most valuable green 4* till we get another green with defense down attack. Others like Hansel are better temporarily, but they eventualy see their way to the bench. Buddy (at least currently) cant be replaced.


He pairs well with Evelyn if you have her because she is nature defense down and buddy is general defense down. Those stack. If you don’t have her it’s fine because he does excellent as tank.

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My Buddy is +18. I use him on my 3-2 green stack with Hatter and Kingston. I use him over Elkanen all the time. I don’t have Lianna and my horghall and kadilen are not leveled (latter is being leveled). I don’t have any other green 5*.

In other words, I use Buddy right along with my 5* and he stands tall (well, sort of - he is an elf).


Hi! Which path did you choose to emblem Buddy?

Defense/HP all the way my guy! He doesn’t hit very hard and you cannot make him hit very hard. But he’s a great debuffer and his minions are fun. They provide a little meat shield.

Also if you choose the 2% mana boost, it will make buddy charge in 9 tiles if you have lvl17 mana troop. In very fast tourney he will charge with lvl5 troop.


I actually went attack. See below. But I agree with @SWEG regarding defense being the way to go. I did this early.


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