Buddy or Isarnia vs blue Titan

What do you think is better regarding damage on 11-12* blue titans.

Isarnia with high tile damage and -44% armor for 6 turns.
Or Buddy with low tile damage (but strong color) and -34% defense for 3 turns. Buddy also comes in with attack debuff and some elves - buut only for 3 turns.

Is it calculateable which one is better?

Team is either 4 green + Wu or 3 Green, Wu 1 blue (Isa)

Buddy and his minions could slow you down a bit with better survivability and worse damage output.

If you use from star mana to charge go with isarnia. Also if she is maxed

I guess I will try each a bit on next böue titan and will report outcomes

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I also got buddy the elf … any good?

Yes, he’s great! One of the best 4* heroes in the game.

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For blue Titans, I’m thinking Buddy. He is strong vs that element, whereas Isarnia is neutral. Isarnia lowers defense more, but also takes longer to charge.

I guess someone would have to calculate out if the 10% more lowered defense with neutral tiles would end up doing more or less damage than a hero that’s strong but lowers defense by 10% less.

I’m going to go with Buddy though, his defense and health stats are a lot better than Isarnia; even if she’s maxed at 80, he will survive longer and do double damage with tiles.

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Use evelyn like an adult. 4* heroes on 12* titans gives me ED. Wu, jackal, Falcon, and Wilbur are the exceptions. Dream team for blue titans should be North/alby, tarlakk, evelyn, gregorion, mitsuko. Buddy is good but use your battle items if it’s a 12* blue…

Wow really?? I new the Christmas hero’s had some serious health and defense. But I wouldn’t of thought that about buddy. That’s awesome… I really want Santa’s lady… she can be a pain to defeat. And wouldn’t mind having a level 5 healer. Thanks for the info. This chat room is amazing. You guys honestly don’t know how much you help out the little guys. Lol. … also think I should put him into my defensive team for wars? Again I’m still new so I don’t have anything maxed just 2nd ascension 5* and third ascension 4*s. I posted these two pics on another post asking for help but still waiting. This is what I have any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for any and all help …

So I finally got the first blue on which we decided is a kill.

I used Evelyn Buddy Elkanen Melendor Wu
for my first attack and I am not disappointed. I guess I won‘t try Isarnia because with Eve in the gang the little Elf is undoubtably better🧝‍♂️

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Evelyn makes leveling Elk viable.

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He is awesome in combo with Evelyn and Buddy. I don‘t have Lianna but I‘d rather bring Elkanan in combo with Evelyn. They complement each other just too good.

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