🏴‍☠ New Pirates of Corellia Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

So far, doing well with Legendary with this crew. Just finished stage 13.

Pulled from a 2 10x pulls Peter and Kestrel.


Well I just lost Legendary stage one so looks like it’s gonna be a slog. I tried taking a red and yellow team with only one 5 star (Leo). I’ve heard people say Legendary can be completed with only 4 stars but I got slammed! Doing much better now with Leo, Lia, Tarlak, Isa and Vela. One day I’ll have enough 5 stars to tailor a team for each event but for now I have to use the few I have for every event and hope for the best.


Only did a few pulls this time, but got a second Peters and my first Vodnik. Definitely going to be levelling Peters in the future. My first is my most used hero on my roster and I could definitely use a second of him for AW.


Hi, I have a blow of lucky guy!,
is worth max sarggaso? I was maxing domitia right now.


I’ve almost decided not to pull in this event. I’ve had Peters for a long time - one of my earliest event heroes - and got 2 x Vodnik last time round. I would love Marie Therese because she’s beautiful and scary and makes zombies - what’s not to like? (Oh, and something about healing as well, always helps.) Wanting Finley is mandatory, of course, although given the ongoing scope crisis he probably wouldn’t get levelled until at least next Pirates. Lady Locke would join a very long green queue, including the somewhat similar Morgan at 3.70. As for the others, I think the best word to describe them (or at least my feelings towards them) is “meh”. And the odds are terrible.

Meanwhile the event coins pile up slowly (currently 5 pulls’ worth). And I still haven’t got Guardian Falcon, or any Wonderland or Grimforest 5*, whilst I do have Telluria (hurrah!). So I think that’s the answer to that question.

But Marie Therese has a snake…!

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Looking for some advice on EPIC 15.

Here’s my roster:

Here’s my team through EPIC 14:

I breezed through the first 14 levels of EPIC in 1 go each, but in 15 I hit the wall at the bosses and was making NO progress due to Marie-Therese’s healing. I’ve been using (from above) Wilbur, Scarlett, Kiril, Boril, Wu Kong. I really like the combo of Kiril/Wilbur/Wu for tile damage and use it in a lot of places. I wish it was BT instead of Kiril, but I haven’t pulled him yet from summons or TC20.

I’m thinking of subbing in my sub-max Melendor for Boril in order to dispel MT’s HOT. Would that be enough to get it in another run or should I be changing up my team more?

what battle items do you have? axes? bombs?

Both. Near infinite axes (200+) but only 10 bombs that I just forged today. I had them in the place of the arrows yesterday when I failed the level, but I’d already exhausted them so I did not continue.

hmm… Axes, bombs, mana pots, antidotes

Wilbur, Melendor, Kiril, Scarlett, Grimm maybe?

Sorry if this doesn’t really fit the thread. Feel free to delete it if needed, but heard this song the other day and thought it fit with pirates and Marie-Thérèse - though it may for better in her thread.

Tried this team and carpet bombing. They were down to a few hundred hp each, so I did a gem continue. I wasn’t even close last time I tried it. Thanks @bobiscool

In a perfect world I would have liked to avoid the gem continue, but with carpet bombing I didn’t have my antidotes I had before and died quickly to all the afflictions they put on you. I’m VIP anyway, so it wasn’t a bad use of 1/2 days worth of gems.

Edit: I see now that I missed your inclusion of antidotes and swapped in arrows for the carpet bomb. I think I’d have been better off with the antidotes. May have saved me the continue. Oh well. Done now and definitely not competing for placement.

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I was going to suggest a Wilbur-Wu approach, but glad that you managed to finish Epic! :slight_smile:

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I’m almost certain you cannot imagine the horror that awaited me in my inventory this morning. Yesterday’s efforts trying to get past just Epic lvl 12 cost me 30+ large mana pots before I took your advice. For the record; I did complete it later for far far lower cost (Thanks again btw). Legendary is a different story altogether, but it is just not going to happen, I can feel it in my bones.

What heroes available? And can you forge Time Stop?

Yes, i have crafted time stops (hang on, I’ll check). EDIT: some time later; here is what you asked for regarding items. From that you could probably guess what i have available. Are harpoons allowed? i would love to give it to that life sucking witch that cursed me the other night; I have around 275 - 300 each of nuggets, bones and fragments on hand and production capacity to match. I digress as usual, here is the inventory for starters:

The hero roster is a bit of a pants down moment. I can comply but please don’t mock me? I literally kept 2 of everything okay and many that are not up to that standard but in AW, it is last hero standing and it is still all on as far as tiles are concerned right up until you have nothing more to gain. I have multiple token sacrificial lambs and I have a belief about this too, but it is probably meaningless and not relevant here. I will post after consideration. EDIT:
I swear people do not laugh too loudly. I have not made any claims apart from the capacity to use force of numbers of most colours in a variety of stacks more than 6 x per war. I keep two of everything okay’ish and in the absence of anything else better, that is it.! Oh, and this me:

@sft1965 Sadly harpoons aren’t allowed as they’re five star items. As for your roster, you have BT and Sumi. They are pretty good reds to take along. I would say take x2 Chao, Sumi, BT, and Boril. At least Marie will get some riposte damage. That is for epic, I personally believe you are too underleveled to attempt legendary unless you have the high end items and got the resources to craft a heck of a lot more.

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I got up to legendary lvl 3 and have made no attempts yet. I am certain i lack the skill required for completion; that would be fantasy land territory. I got some excellent advice which got me through the remains of Epic very nicely for very low cost in mats. This is as well as i have ever achieved, i think, in a Challenge. I am quite happy.
EDIT: @Aunty_Krauser. I did finally realise that those unlevelled Chaos had a real part to play. One is not a problem, but both hits (1-1) and they/target take a fair hit and the mana down on just one is fantastic . Sumi? i had to check, I have literally never used him even once (the single riposte/ mana recharge has me interested to see however) and i can’t even buy hidden blades to make serious use of him. If they sold those damned things (and trap tools) my life might be finally complete? I would be all over that offer.


My all teams and all finished


I like Finley but could get , no 5 stars in 8 pulls using event coins , all r 3 stars except 2 HOTM and 1 boomer

Sad , no finely


TWO 5 stars (and a really good one too) in 8 pulls and you’re sad… give them to me please…


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