4* Defense / attack team - who to bench for Wilbur

Fairly new player, only have one legit 4* team at this point.
Pulled Wilbur last Atlantis, just got last blade for final ascension, but I’m kind of stuck on who to bench for him once I finish leveling - I don’t have emblems for him unless I reset Li - thoughts & advice very much welcome - thanks!

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Wilbur is great. Especially on offense. He and proteus will pull you through the events and map stages.
But, I don’t think your defense will be improved by him.


+1 on the above. He’s can be good in defence but don’t think he’ll necessarily add to yours here.

I’d also suggest as a new player to work ok your 3* heroes unless you have the mats to take a 4* all the way.

Main reason being that their cheaper to finish off and you can emblem them earlier.

Similarly a maxed 4* is better than a 5* which is stuck at 3-70

Just something to consider

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Thanks, yes that’s kind of been my strategy, I’m about 4 months in, F2P, I have a decent stable of 3’s at 3/50. Thanks!


(Would give you a heart but I run out… :heart:)

My VC2P alt is SLOWLY gaining momentum… Just a grind lol… Forgot about the early game grind haha

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So for attack, I’m torn between benching Scarlett or Li - guessing his tile damage when he fires will be most similar to Li’s special hitting everyone, my gut has been reset her & give Wilbur her emblems?

Long term Wilbur deserves the emblems. But I would suggest leaving them on Li and putting new emblems in Wilbur.


Colour stacking is powerful :wink:

Try some combinations of 2-2-1 or 2-3 stacking against the tank colour :slight_smile:
Makes raiding lots easier :stuck_out_tongue:


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