Pick my upgrades!

So I am kind of stuck with deciding which heroes to max out. Let’s pretend I have the mats to max out 4 of each color. What should my priority be for my next few heroes of each. I participate in wars, quests, events, titans and raids. So not necessarily looking for a specific activity. Thanks in advance for all your expert help.

If I need to put anymore info in let me know, and again,thanks in advance!

Merlin, Fura, Sabina, Domitia

Melia, Chao, Danzaburo … Hu Tao last

Grimm, Triton, Gunnar, … cross your fingers for another 5* blue but if not Isarnia

Lianna, Brynhild, Caedmon, … Skittlskull last

Wilbur, Scarlett, Marjana, Rudolph

There is a rule of thumb that you should get a solid base of 3* heroes leveled up before moving to 4- and 5-star heroes. That is solid advice, and not really reflected above.

Some will put Qunitus ahead of Dom since you have Sartana leveled up. I think Dom’s debuff makes her different enough that she nudges out Q.

Sabina is one of your very few healers, so she may be your number one purple.

Not everyone loves Chao, but he’s fast and you’re thin on yellow. Hu Tao’s speed makes him undesirable in my opinion except in Rush tournaments.

You have Horghall, so you don’t need another AOT slow green, hence my suggestion about Skittlskull.

Hope that helps.

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My thoughts would be
Green: Lianna, Brynhild, Caedmon, Grevle

Blue: Richard, Grimm, Isarnia to at least 3:70 and then use her a bit to see if you like her or not, if so then take her all the way. I don’t know enough about Snow to recommend, Chick Jr is a great one for challenges and tournaments

Red: Tyre, Jean Francois though you have Gravemaker so depends on your play style. I use them both and love both, Sir Lancelot is also great, Wilbur is too, and Rudolph

Purple: Fura, Take Domitia to 3:70 and see what you think first, Merlin, Sabina (you have CRigard already so she isn’t a big priority but useful to have)

Yellow: Melia, Chao, Hu Tao

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