Fighter Emblems

I’m currently working on maxing out Yunan. Should I move all my fighter emblems from BT to Yunan? I also have Magni coming up, but he won’t be maxed for a pretty long time since I don’t have the mats to max him.

I would let Boldtusk keep his emblems but stop giving him any. I’d emblem Yunan as you get more, then Magni

I’m thinking of using Yunan as part of my defense. Right now I have Evelyn, Qoh,Onatel,Frida,and Sartana all with a few emblems. Do you think yunan would do well maxed while I gather emblems for him? Haven’t had too much experience with him yet

If you have a reset, sometimes taking them off BT and splitting then with another works great

He can survive without emblems at lower levels. Doesn’t struggle until you’re well into Diamond arena where Grave and Zim are common. As far as Reset Emblems go, I don’t think it’s worth it given how rare the emblems are. And an emblemed Boldtusk could pair well with Yunan

Yeah I’m in Diamond arena now. I’m also waiting on 2 telescopes for Ariel who I think I’ll be using more than Yunan once I max her

Ariel is awesome. She got all my Cleric emblems as soon as I maxed her. I’m using Zeline over Yunan on D myself but I have Drake as my tank

Yeah I can’t wait for Ariel and she’ll be getting all my cleric emblems too. Once I max yunan not sure who if anyone to replace him with on my defense team above

Honestly, with that team, I’d probably leave him at 3/70. You have so many tanks on that team!

Unfortunately i already started leveling him up. He’s at 4-35 already, but will keep the emblems on BT. Ariel will be the next one I’ll consider for defense.

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