One more help needed [Team Building]

I’m off for the weekend and I trust you people here. Sharing my Hero roster with you. And when I come back I would love to see your replies and helping me how do I best put my teams together. Who goes with who? I would like to work on and with what I have. Thank you in advance. Have a great weekend.

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You have some good 4-star heroes there.

I would take out all of the two stars that you have assigned to teams and feed them to your other heroes, unless you’re keeping them for special tournaments.

I would build a defense team of this:
Valeria, Boldtusk, Kashrek, Kingston, Sonya

On offense, I would take the same team replacing Kashrek with either Kiril, Melandor, or Tiburtus, depending on needed color stacks.


Just a thought, as I see you’ve asked lots of questions and made posts with specific questions, perhaps you should also join a good training alliance.

There will be knowledgeable team mates who can give you more detailed feedback to develop your roster based on your titan hits and your performance in war. I know I found this invaluable when I first started playing :thinking:.


I’d stop pulling heroes and spend few gems (if you have) on getting more hero slots so you can level them properly.


Thanks :blush: was lucky.

The ones I saved are indeed for special tournaments and the ones I like the most. Fast and good killing lol

Thank you I will try that combo!
And also the offense Team suggestion.

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I did already :blush: I am very good for now. And enough space for feeders. Started leveling them. Bane is finished and the 2 Balthazars as well. I wanted to hear suggestions about how to put my teams together.

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Hi Sarah :blush: I hear you. But as far as I know that’s the reason why this Forum exists. To seek help and to help. Here are much more knowledgeable people than 50 in a team… Many very experienced and great people here :heart_eyes: I got many great suggestions and nice chats. I am in an good Alliance but I prefer the Forum for specific questions.

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I just signed up to this forum because I am a newbie and I need so much to learn like all newbies. Accidently stumbled on this post. So what is your problem? If you don’t like, then don’t read. For myself for example, all the replies that she gets are helping me and others too. And this is exactly for what this Forum is made for. So instead of “just writing” you could simply help her and answer the explicit question.


In fact he/she suggested her to join an alliance which is in fact a great advise :relaxed:


I am not being rude :blush: but what is this forum then for? Anyway I hope she will ask many more questions because the replies she receives are very helpful. Like she already answered 50 people in a Alliance are nothing compared to professionals here.

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I don’t think if was suggested as an either/or proposition. Many questions can be answered here and great threads can be referenced, too.

That doesn’t take away from the excellent learning that can be gained from joining a great training alliance.

I always recommend new(er) players make sure they are getting help from their alliance mates. If they don’t feel they are - they should definitely join another alliance.


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In my honest opinion,… here is nice to read for everyone, including me:

So, priority level from left to right on each color:
Red: Boldtusk as high as possible, Colen to 3.60, Hawkmoon, Jahangir.
Blue: Kiril as high as possible, Sonya, Valeria.
Green: Melendor as high as possible, Kashhrek to 3.60, Kingston to 2.60, Brienne, Berden
Yellow: Bane (finish his skill to 8/8) so that we can use all his potential power. Feed with 10x 1* yellow or 5x 2* yellow or both 1* and 2* yellow (make sure it is 100% chance to skillup), after his skill is maxed do not give all your emblem to him, after that Melia, Kailani both are good.
Purple: Tiburtus, Balthazar.


Well, thank you for this :blush: purple you forgot about Renfeld (sorry I love him) lol
OH and green what about Ishtaak and red Nashgar? Fodder or still keeper.

What leads me to the next question :see_no_evil::joy: yes he is finished already and Balthazar as well. I gave him emblems lvl 3 now and why not all? And how many should be given? Just the first 3?

I’m not forget, because he is IMO feeder sorry, and also Ishtaak. Nashgar is good.
I have in my book for 3* to keep:
Red: Rudolph, Squire Wabbit, Namahage, Bauchan, Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Azar, Jahangir
Blue: Gato, Valen, Ulmer, Vodnik, Gunnar
Green: Muggy, Belith, Brienne, Berden, Mnesseus, Hisan, Shrubbear
Yellow: Bane, Melia, Pixie, Kailani, Gan Ju, Arman
Purple: Balthazar, Gill-Ra, Chochin, Tyrum, Bat

Because 4* heroes are our backbone, so better give emblems for *4 heroes.

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Ishtak and Nashgar…

They would be ok if you didnt’ have better heroes. For everyday use, Boldtusk is your best Red, and for Green use Kingston as sniper, then Melandor for Healer/Tile Damage, using Kashrek at tank on Defense.

Many people will spend gems to expand their roster limit, but when collecting feeders for leveling, will get about 20-30 and then feed 10 of the same color to capitalize on the exp bonus for using the same color to level up.

So at this point, since you have great 4* heroes already, the best advice IMO is to expand your roster limit, and save room for collecting 20-30 feeders, using 10 at a time of the same color for leveling.

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Thank you! :blush: All I needed to know.

@Oriontron I use to feed 1 by one or 3 depends how many TC was spitting out. And there is one thing I really must say. It says feed 10 at a time so their special Skills can improve. But very often even after just feeding 3 or 4 skills improved… Lucky?? But from now on I will do so. Feeding 10 at the time. Thank you very much for your advices. My Main team is similar what you said. And I will try the suggestion you gave me before how to put them together Def an ofens teams.

And the 2* I kept for just in case…

@Oriontron I forgot Melendor! Yes now I know how to work with… And also thanks to @jinbatsu

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