Offense suggestion

Who s better on offense?
Tyr, Mitsuko or jf?
All of them are 3/70.
I have grazul and marjana already maxed.

Short answer: depends who you are attacking.

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  1. Tyr as almost impossible to be killed after you have him through first half of the fight. Damage is a bit tiny, but the bypass ability is cool, great selfheal, great base stats.

  2. Mitsuko that could almost be on position one. Her blue reflect makes her incredibly strong against vela and finley, two very difficult enemy heroes, and every(!) Other blue hitter.

  3. Jf, that I like but as strong as I see him in defense, his offense damage is just “strong” and his defense debuff protection is not so very useful as you normally always try to not let the enemies fire.


Im in diamond sooooo… telly

Then Mitsuko is the obvious winner. You need her against those vela flanks and Finley wings!


So in your opinion…her reflect is not enough on 3/70?
Do i need to ascend her?
P.s. i love playing mitsuko but wanna be sure before spending the rings.

She doesn’t survive long enough at 3/70 IMO.

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Mitsy will pair well with Grazul to knock out those Tellytubbies.


Thanks everyone for the feedback … Much appreciated

Currently I max out JF for defense. After that goes grazul and then its maybe mitsuko.

I know many people will rage against my opinion, but mitsuko is playable at 3 70. Her damage is just meeeh even maxed, but reflect and manacontrol is just awesome.

I dont mind that she goes down quite quick, she just needs to fire once, I activate blue hitter(s) and thats it.

While marjannas, tyrs, JFs and so on have to be maxed to have enough damage output, mitsuko is okay on 3 70 (yes, better maxed but materials are really rare)

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Just an update…i ascended mitsuko and she is currently maxed…i dont regret it one bit.
She is awesome against the so many blue flanks ruling diamond and compliments well with the rest of my roster.
Gonna wait july hotm to decide my next red hero to max…gonna be either her or tyr or jf.
Thanks everyone for the constructive feedback.

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