🔵 [Oct 25, 2020] Trials of Piety – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

4* only challenge again. No items used.

My Regular Team:

Challenge Team:




Same team but swapped out Joon +8 for Wibur
No 4* challenge for me sorry, i would of had Li, Rigard and C Isshtak

Set up a gem :+1:

Got Boril out of the way, and the next cascade did a lot of damage

Wilbur helped Lianna with a double kill

All loot saved


My team:

No items used.

New emblems will go to second Rigard and Wu Kong.


Bane + 14 Boril + 15 Elkanen 3.70 Boril 3.60 Hawkmoon to complete 2 stages. My alternatives were Hawkmoon and Bane dupes and Kailain.

This trial is annoying. I hope when I level Mist i have better time.


Did levels 1 and 2 with wilbur/wu/boril/rigard/leonidas 4/39.

Remembered the 4* challenge just in time for level 3, and leo out, li in.

Not much others options, skittleskull costume is far from finished.

Had to use some mana, as wilbur buff on the last mob-round killed them too quickly to fully recharge

One healthpotion to cure Wilbur when joon hit him just as the spiritlink/deffbuff wore out. Then:

Trainer to leo.


4* challange, I was use all 4* heroes last time anyway…

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

I didn’t see last time using Boldtusk.C, but nevermind.
Other Options


Decent start board and all mana charged.

Clean without using any items…


Emblems keep both for later, Trainer goes to 3rd Jackal.


wow great job managing it with that time! it will definitely be easier after you level Mist at least

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4* challenge- decided to have fun with rainbow. Used some arrows and axes. Probably should have had wilbur in…

5* team


Here is the team (as described above):

My thought was keep Boril as tank with healers on either side. Li & Wu’s bonus comes from tile damage mostly in this set up, so if they drop their tiles still hurt. If I cascade with Wu activated my healers wouldn’t help anyway. Given the situation with Boril and me having no dispellers, Wu/Li suiciding was somewhat inevitable anyway.

Had dragons and bombs as back up, so I would rely on Rigard as an antidote. I was less worried about blinding then when I don’t have heroes whose specials need to hit. I got c-Boldtusk 2 months ago and am thankful I leveled him. I would be trying this with a 3* otherwise. He also gives me a tile damage boost after Wu inevitably suicides on riposte.

This is probably one of, if not my least favorite trial. If these trials were weekend get aways this one would be the one I make terrible excuses to get out of “I can’t this weekend, I am washing my hair” or “I can’t this weekend I am behind on dishes”…

Mobs went fine. I came close to using a healing pot or two in them, but managed. I wanted to be full strength for items at the bosses. I was genuinely nervous about this trial.

Got the bosses and knew I had to kill Joon first. Wu up + c-Boldtusk up = fling tiles like a crazed spider monkey!

Joon fired his special and immediately killed Li … :man_shrugging:, probably best case scenario. Joon goes down first :+1:.

I had a yellow diamond on the board and LOTS of good tiles (not green) for Tuck and Boril. I got Wu charged, thanked him for his service, and he promptly suicided on riposte but did some massive damage. Tuck took the cascades particularly hard so I finished him second :+1:.

Boril I beat through attrition. My Boril could riposte his attacks. My healers didn’t hit hard enough, even with c-Boldtusk bonus, for the riposte by enemy Boril to out gain their combined healing. It was a slow attrition fight with inevitable victory at that point. I didn’t have to resort to dragons or bombs either. :ok_hand:

MVP is Wu. Without him this tria goes differently and may be impossible or taken an hour to beat depending who his fill in would be :rofl:. This is also Boril’s likely last hurrah with emblems. When I finish Justice (64/80) I am final ascending Elkanen with that tonic from Shrikewood.

Cleric emblems stashed in the bank for Elkanen (see above). Monk for Joon, but we’re still for a node. I think he is going for +11. Trainer to Justice. I hate how long 5’s take …

Good luck out there!


Other poster commentary:

Welcome back @Olmor! I like your videos and missed seeing them. :+1:

@sleepyhead, no one would believe you are F2P with that roster :rofl:. Nice use of Valeria though, I don’t see her used often. :+1:

@Circe you’re lucky, I wish I could find a Gafar +1 caliber hero on my roster I forgot I had! :laughing: I will need to read up on Sumle. I know a lot of people are big fans, but I don’t recall a missing component to his power previously. Congrats on pulling through though!

I am digging that Quintus @SamMe! Mine is +10, but no costume (yet?). He is fun to play with and under appreciated I think.

Good call @Robkirky1, I would consider the game if I had to bring 3’s to this trial too :rofl: I was 1 hero away from that!

Nice rainbow win @Mallix!

@jinbatsu is just throwing it in my face now that after 3 years I haven’t managed Hansel :rofl:

Apparently I need to look into what Mist does. She seems popular for this. I don’t memorize S3 fully yet.


Continuing with @Muchacho’s 4 star only challenge. The following is the team that I used. My good 4 stars in these two classes are mostly passive heroes, so I had to depend on tile damage to kill the bosses. Hence, the inclusion of Wu along with Wilbur. BT served both as healer plus increasing red tile damage along with Sumle. The battle went well. Couldn’t setup the board properly for the last stage so had to use a few minor healing potions and one bomb for attack debuff. Everything hoarded for now. :slight_smile:


@Muchacho lol! I don’t get lucky often, but when I do it’s disproportionate :stuck_out_tongue: I do hoard my EHTs for seasonal events, hence the 2x Valeria, 2x Jack and 2x Lady Wooly I have hiding in my roster… plus a lucky Lepus and a lucky Rana.

as for 2x Hansel (and 2x Pixie), I hoarded gems up for a 10-pull a couple of Grim Forests ago. (no 5*s though, bah!)

Let’s just say I can claim credit for choosing WHEN to summon, and that RNG choose to be kind to me on those instances :wink:

PS great work using Li and Wu as kamikaze-ers and finishing Boril through attrition, with two healers and a riposter of your own. whew! that must have taken a lot of patience.


Thank you :slight_smile: Sumle’s special has 80% hit accuracy. It really was just not my day! I was very relieved that I didn’t have to do a repeat!!


Team last time/ Team this time

Brought Hansel this time, but team power was way down so used a bunch of items to survive bad boards. Forgot about Joon because he was wearing his fighter costume (wish they had a better way to keep track of costumed heroes).

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Lepus.


4* challenge ariel and jabberwok out oh how I missed them haha. Used all time stops and a bit of mana. Green tiles everywhere :frowning: but was alright in the end.

Emblems to ariel gonna give a few more to wilbur trainer agnus.


All 4*, no problems.


I finished this one, but I didn’t go full 4* this time…

I probably could have, but I just wanted the emblems.

IIRC, I used

Santa 4/80+3
Rigard 4/70+19 (with costume bonus)
Wu Kong 4/70+10
Agwe 4/70+7
Hansel 4/27

Used a few battle items, but didn’t exhaust all of them (Rigard took care of most of my healing).

None of my heroes died in the battle.

Santa was my only 5*, so… it’s almost like I completed it in 4* mode.

Sorry, no screenshots taken. :man_shrugging:


This is the team I used( I think) no items needed


Once more I discover how few of a certain class I have :smile:

I managed to complete the first stage with Mist, Bjorn, Bane and a very fragile, not maxed levelled Gan Ju and Costumed Hawkmoon. Not going further though - none of my heroes have a desire to do so in their current state… :laughing:


We all started from there :slight_smile: in time, you will have enough 4*s or higher to complete the quest :slight_smile:

I remember doing this back then with a bunch of 4*s and Mnesseus / Hawkmoon!



4* challenge

I expected more trouble with the final stage bosses, but it went pretty well. Wilbur + Wu Kong = wicked tile damage. Monk emblems to Jabberwock, cleric emblems saved, trainer hero to Ariel (3/68).


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