🔵 [Sept 20, 2020] Trials of Piety – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

Had an insane combo board. Only needed few mana pots to activate Wilbur when the boss fight began.

Emblems on bench, the trainer goes to Sartana.


Tarlak-Vivica-Mist-Joon-Snow White.

My Slow White gets sidelined way too often to give space to faster blues, so it’s fun to take her out of the box for this one. Boards were annoying, but ground through with a few mana pots for Snow.

Emblems banked. Trainer to Skittleskull (because I’m too impatient to color level!)

No reset token. Haven’t tracked the data, but feels like a bit of a dry spell on reset lately.


Same team as last time. Completed with:
Wilbur, Hansel, Boril, Elkanen and

Edit … and Boldtusk


…and…? :thinking:

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Bane + 14; Kailani+15; Elkanen 3.70; Boril 4.51 and Hawkmoon to complete 2 stages.

This trial should be called trials of patience: the highest tile hit were below 50. I had to use 5 minor mana pots to make Hawkmoon fire and heal me against the riposte.


Minor change in the team, brought in Candy Witch for Kunchen. That added more attack, again The Hatter was very useful, stole buffs, boss Joon committed suicide on the stolen reposte. The battle ended quicker this time than the last time.

Trainer saved; loot emblems, Wilbur to take Monk’s and The Hatter to take the cleric’s.


Slight change li xui in for rigard for colour viarety and a bit of fire power. I actually thought it was easier with rigard last time. Joon withheld everything which may of been a issue. Used some mana and time stops

Emblems for areil and monk I think I’m gonna give some to wilbur trainer storage


“upgrade” from last time, 3* bjorn or c-renfeld out, li xiu with costume bonus in. Wilbur&wu (with rigard healing) make it easy!

Emblems banked, trainer to Leonidas


My team this time:

  • Chef Boldtusk +20
  • Wilbur +20
  • Li Xiu +20
  • Gafar +18
  • Candy Skittleskull +18

Last time, I had a brain fart and used my unleveled Chef Boldtusk instead of my max emblem one, so I rectified that this time - but not gonna lie, I almost did it again! Also, having demonstrated that the Trials of Fortitude are not completely onerous without Boril, I stripped his emblems and distributed them between Gafar and Vivica, so the fake Aladdin villain is much sturdier this run-through.

No real issues in the mob waves. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged, and went to work on Friar Tuck, because his heal is super annoying. Formed a red diamond one move in, which was nice. Honestly, as long as Wilbur is active, this trial is a breeze, as Joon doesn’t hurt anyone enough to matter, and Boril does no damage. I just hate this trial because of Tuck, but at fast mana, Gafar was always charged and ready to shut him down. Tuck fell first, and Boril and Joon went down simultaneously soon after due to spirit link. It’s a sample size of one with this crew, I know, but it feels like this is a pretty good way to go on this trial for a while.

Not enough cleric emblems for Vivica to gain a talent, and no monks worthy of the emblems now that I’ve taken Wu as high as I plan to. Trainer hero goes to Joon, who will get the stocked monk emblems - and probably Wu’s, too - once he is maxed.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change.
Other Option


Very good board start with all mana charged… :muscle:

Fast and Clean… without using items.


Emblems monks maybe continue Wilbur or keep for now, Cleric for Mist.
Trainer goes to Malosi, he already at 4th tier :muscle: :+1:


Cleared without items this time.


My team:

No items used.

New emblems will go to Rigard and Joon.


So I beat it. This is probably my least favorite quest because I have no real hitters and nothing in the pipeline that let’s me hope for one. Looking at other people’s rosters most the damage dealers are HotMs or event heroes. As a F2P the odds of me getting some of these guys is very low.

I have Rigard +20, Li Xiu +9(ish), Boril +18, Joon +7, and brought Raf at 3/70.

On the bench was Elkanen 3/70, Wu Kong +20, and Chef Boldtusk 1/1 (he’s next).

My yellows and blues are both off color. Even the mobs took a while. I was in no real threat of dying, I don’t hurt things. I think I will just load up a color along with The Wu and fling tiles like a madman next time.

I used a bunch of bombs and dragon attacks purely out of impatience. I didn’t want to win using no items but it took 30 minutes. I certainly have better thing to do than that.

Thank goodness this one is done! Good luck out there!



Finally some trial i love, after a sequence of hard trials for me.

Wu +7 - Rigard +19 - Santa +5 - Wilbur +7 - Joon +3

No items, fast and easy battle. Wu+Wilbur, enough said :joy:
Emblems stored for now, until i decide how to use them (Santa/Joon are pillow-fighting for the monks’, Mist/Hansel/some3* for the clerics’). Trainer to, of course, Domitia. Should be the last one, she’s finally to 4-79.


Wilbur - Mist - Drake+11 - Sumle - Vivica (3/70)

Put in Sumle instead of Rigard this time. Will soon have Drake to +12. Have 11 darts now and considering finally maxing Vivica, but I want to see if I can get Bai Yeong or C.Joon this month. Holding off on using the yellow trainer as well since my Malosi is 4/66. Waiting to get him past 4/70 before collecting all the yellow trainers from PoV and dumping them into Malosi to max him.


Rigard | Mist+17 | Joon+6 | Hansel+18 | Jabberwock+6

Joon+6 replaced second Mist 4/70 from last time

Not much to report, Mist kept everybody in check, while Hansel was there as insurance in case the board went dry. Boril was the first to go, then Joon managed to fire one lucky shot before dying but he missed thanks to my Joon hitting him first. :grin: The fat Tuck was more of an annoyance than threat in the end and he too went down in no time.

Emblems to finally bring Mist to +18, look at this beauty:

Not only are those properly 5* stats, they’re actually better than King Leo’s base stats, just let that sink in for a second.

Trainer and monk emblems saved.


No idea what happened with that post …
And … Boldtusk


Team last time/ a Team this time

Same team as last time, except Drake is one emblem higher and troops are a little tougher.
I used some arrows and bombs to help out on this one, since I’m going through some wild swings on boeards lately and sometimes I can’t make a match except off color.
Battle was actually pretty good though, I had enough heal to be ok when attacking the riposted heroes, and Grazzy protects against Joons blind.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to White Rabbit who is almost to 2nd ascension.


Breezed through, no issues. Monk emblems to Jabberwock, cleric emblems saved, trainer hero to Sif.


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