🔵 [Oct 14, 2020] Trials of Mysticism – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

I am also taking @Muchacho’s 4 star only challenge. This is definitely going to be a fun one. I used the following team. Ofcourse, the battle was fairly straightforward, no items were used. The bosses got thrown around (literally) like rag dolls by the Cat. And Proteus kept them in check. And wow, costume Kashhrek is the goat. Just look at the health bars of Skittles and Proteus towards the end. Definitely lot of fun. :slight_smile:

This trial was relatively easy because I had strong 4 stars for this one, but looking forward to the more challenging ones. :slight_smile:


Team last time/ Team this time

No team pic this time. I tried using Kash and Almur but fell flat on my face and fled the fight. After regrouping I brought cMel and cKiril into the fight. Much easier to deal with everyone, even though I used an antidote.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Freya who is up to 3/40ish.


Yeah I struggle with her. If I had any other decent wizard she wouldn’t have emblems. Her best potential is in field aid wars and PvP with the 50% heal reduction. I think but her lack of durability puts that into question though. These trials and most provinces also don’t have a great deal of enemy healers, so she doesn’t shine there.

Her percentage of attack is low, but her A value is high so she can be used for tile damage. I went full A path to exacerbate her strength and her A value is over 800. She still doesn’t see a ton of action though. :man_shrugging: Glad to see someone else tried her though.

@Dudeious.Maximus think used Ameonna too! Part of the goal of this was seeing different heroes. My Ameonna used to be +18 but I had to strip her of emblems a little while back. HUGE tile damage. I think with talents it is second only to Scarlett at 4* level. Base stats she beats Scarlett though.



I am so proud of my team of 3* and 4* who are not even maxed - I managed the first two stages (cannot attempt the last part, since I am not level 30 yet, and my team with a power of 2700 might struggle anyway!)

But once again, Grevle to the rescue - he has helped me out so much - how nice to get a few more Emblems this way :slight_smile:


Congrats @Gwniver, you’re doing great! I have Grevle maxed and have heard great things, but haven’t tinkered with him yet much.

Don’t be shy about showing pics of your team!



My team this time:

  • Onatel +7
  • Sartana +5
  • Shredder Kiril +20
  • Proteus +18
  • Wizard Melendor +20

Sartana is up 4 talents thanks to SGG’s sudden generosity with emblems. That’s the only change from last time.

Nothing too notable in the mob waves. Just patiently working the board and keeping everyone charged. I did manage to lose a couple of nice diamonds right before the boss wave. When you can bring both Onatel and Proteus to this fight, there isn’t much the bosses can do. Ulmer did not fire at all before dying. Quintus managed a shot that did approximately nothing. Balthazar put Sartana in the red for about a turn with his lightning, but neither lived much beyond a single cast. My homie @Muchacho is coming up with all these self-imposed restrictions to make the class trials more challenging again, but I needed to waltz through one today due to being short on time, and that’s just what I got.

Sartana gained a talent on a previous stage, so no movement there. Sorcerer emblems continue to pile up, most likely for Quintus, eventually. Trainer hero goes to Prisca; started leveling her as a wait-and-see before giving the tabards to Quintus. Could land Zulag or an S3 legendary purple on my Valhalla pulls later in the month. If not, Lightning Boy gets maxed and emblemed. I will play who I’ve got, thank you very much.


It we a while before I strip her as lack of sorcerers plus she on my titan team and sometimes on my raids depends on the situation. i Iike using her do think she bit underated but she hits hard that’s what yah need sometimes :wink:

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@Muchacho 4* challenge accepted! The first 2 stages were easy, but I lost Cheshire Cat and Proteus in the final stage battle with the bosses. I resisted the urge to use a bunch of items. Ultimately, I was able to prevail. It was fun! :grin::+1:t2::sunglasses:


4* (and below) challenge!

I mean this is my usual trial team anyway except I usually use Isarnia+9, good thing I have Ulmer!

My only other 4* sorcerer/wizard is 3.60 Ammeona so honestly Ulmer was more useful for his color, tile damage, and defense :rofl:

Got to bosses no problem - good thing I had 3 healers to keep Ulmer alive. :laughing:

Got lax after I killed the enemy Ulmer and let my own Ulmer and Skittles die hahaha - saved a few items! No sweat with some timestops, arrows and bombs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good gaming all!


Nice work @Itty! You had a 3* and still did better than me! :laughing:



Scroll up and see @TGW. These pop up every Wednesday and Sunday like the trials. @Guvnor is really good about it, which we are thankful for :+1:. You don’t need pics, some people just tell us too. Looking forward to your posts!

PS: Some people have some really cool hero combinations! That’s why I dig these.



You are so sweet and encouraging, thank you :slight_smile:

Oh, right, I should! I forgot what I even had, I´ll make sure to remember next time.

But I think it was:

Sabina at 2/60 (is that how you type that…)
Grevle (with emblems)
Gill-ra (not maxed)
Graymane (not maxed)

Mind you, I just did the first two stages…The trick is just to clear the first row, except one enemy, keep it alive, and ghost green tiles over and over, until Grevle´s health boost reaches max, and then proceed to the next. Rinse repeat. He has helped me out so much.

Of all heroes out there, I consider him the biggest factor I am still playing and haven´t lost motivation when the going get tough in game for new players!

Good luck to all :slight_smile:


No problem, I think it’s important to celebrate all victories. Even if my roster got stronger it doesn’t make what was accomplished when it wasn’t as strong any less meaningful. I still fought through a tough situation and persevered. I don’t like how discouraging the boards can be to newer players.

Anyway, what I wanted to say was Gil-Ra is great. When Atlantis started I was only using 3’s on my deeper war teams (I have been at this a while) so I didn’t use her a lot, but would have loved her when I was using almost all 3’s. Slow mana aside, the D drop and A drop on all enemies is so big. If you time that with a Grevle A boost and an AoE hero like Ulmer that will do a lot of damage. You can boost her D and HP with emblems to help her survive too.

Good luck out there.



…I cannot believe you just answered a question, I literally just posted in another thread! :smiley: What is this sorcery…! :wink: Thank you for the tip, I´ll continue the discussion over there!


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