Now that Season 3 is released, will Season 1 heroes be obsolete?

Season one heroes have been obsolete for a long time which has nothing to do with season three and everything to do with power creep and money.

Really? Use em all the time and teammates do as well

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As do I, but it’s not because they’re equals, but because I’ve invested in them.

Lol if they’re usable, they’re not obsolete

So which statement are you going with here?

They’re still useful

Or they’re obsolete?

I mean if someone says obsolete in the context of this conversation, it means unusable right?

are you trying to say an all s3 defense team can’t be beaten by a team of s1 heroes?

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I saw a team, briefly in top leader board (tournament) with the five costumed 5* with low troop levels at the low-mid 4700s TP. Costumes do help, even on the 3 and 4 stars for events and tournaments with the season 1 heros.

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It’s not that they can’t be beaten… this is a match 3 game where the board has a very big effect on the end result. It just becomes necessary to get better boards to win.

I personally find it more difficult to justify spending money on summoning. As a result I expect that matches that were easy will become a bit harder as others continue to summon and level these newest heroes.

Well let’s see

“It’s a match 3 game, the win/loss depends on the board”

. While yes, some boards are tougher than others, it’s pretty rare to find a video where at least 1 move couldn’t have changed the outcome of a match

“I need better boards with s1 heroes”

Not true either. With the right synergies, troops, and tile skill, you’ll still land a good consistent % of success even with “poor boards” in the mix of things

Emblems, troops, and now costumes on top of those have all kept s1 heroes relevant

Just because you can’t use them, doesn’t mean others can’t

Boils down to tracking stats and not feelings or memories

Watching/recording as many fails as successess

Dissecting those fails and making improvements instead of excuses

It’s really not that hard…


But I can’t hate you…it’s a cat thing. :grin:


It’s a nice hope and one I’ve had myself on many occasions

But it’s not possible.

Stupidity, misinformation, victim mentalities, just run way too rampant and would only become more common if someone didn’t call em out on their crap

I do sit silently and watch to see if anyone will but i just watch others nod with agreement and the blind start following the dumb…then i feel absolutely obligated to intervene

Just the way it is and has been for a long time


So long as you don’t break Forum Rules. wink



The way I used obsolete in my argument was the last definition provided on the first line. S1 heroes are out of date, so much so, that SG decided to “buff” them by giving them shiny costumes with new stats.

Comparatively, the s1 heroes, aside from Joon and Lianna, are, imo, obsolete. I do not count costumes as s1 because the costumes literally make some of them completely new heroes (i.e. Rigard, Sonya, Vivica).

Dont think that changes anything though

So what you’re saying is no one in this game could use only season 1 heroes and win 70/100 diamond raids?

When did I say any of that. I’m talking about base stats, hero utility and special skills. Where it concerns S1, 5* heroes, those are obsolete.

P.S. I used Google to help you understand my perspective, if you’re feeling attacked because I tried to make things clear, perhaps you should take another step back from the forum. I’m not sure what anyone did to you, but I had nothing to do with it.



Which are still succesful so you may have to make your point more clear lol

To me it just sounds like you don’t like them so they’re crap

players can still win with them, doesn’t mean anything to you

a lot of newer heroes still use the same base skills, doesn’t mean anything to you

not all newer heroes are higher in every stat area than old ones, doesn’t mean anything to you

So exactly what is it you’re getting at other than a personal preference?

Because each of the things that still holds true, are meaningless to you in this discussion

It’s one thing to say new heroes are slightly ahead of old ones

It’s another to say old ones aren’t usable anymore or “outdated”(which pretty sure you split hairs there in a backpedaling attempt)

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I’m glad you’re still here!

Back on topic…

S1 heros are here to stay and still have a place, especially with the release of costumes. My Rigard is a superstar amongst my levelled 5* heros. Although those costumes are like hen’s teeth to get :confounded:.


And I think that’s the disconnect. What I’m saying and what you’re hearing aren’t the same thing.



Hmmm thought about it. Tried to. But then nonsense would run rampant and I’d just have to spend even more time in Line fixing the crap people read in this forum

Lol other than annoy me by spreading ill informed opinions as facts, playing victim, and/or complaining about every little aspect of the game they continue to play? Nothing at all

Depends what day it is and the content of the conversation(reference annoy statement above)

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Well if what you’re saying made sense, i would probably hear it more clearly

So let’s break it down 1 last time lol

Not all newer heroes trump old ones in every stat

Players are still succesful with s1 heroes

Heroes newer than season 1 still use skills the s1 heroes have

So again for the last time lol

How are they outdated?

This is season one

This is season 2

This is season three

Do they all have the same functionality? Yes. But one makes it easier to accomplish the same task as the others. That is my point. Though the first mower is usable, the second and especially the third, are far more versatile, easier to use and get the same job done more quickly.

Most of season one gets countered by Ursena, Mitsuko, Ariel and Kage. Season one had lot’s of great ideas, but they are overshadowed by season two.



They’re not harder to use.

Match tiles, use special skills…doesn’t get simpler than that

Sure the s2 and s3 are nice to have and fun to use, but doesn’t make them anymore efficient than s1

Still the same game at the end of the day

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