Which 5* dupes are worth keeping? [help with Soul Exchange prep]

Hey guys! I’ve already narrowed it down to sacrificing all dupe S1 heroes, just wanted to get your advice on my HoTM/event/non-S1 heroes. I understand there’s some dependence on roster and mats, but I like to think long-term so general advice on which heroes you would personally recommend keeping a dupe just because it could come in handy (in the future).


  • Viscaro
  • Hanitra
  • Alexandrine
  • Balbar
  • Russel
  • Chakkoszrot
  • Ranvir
  • Margaret
  • Grimble
  • Grazul
  • Alby (costume)


  • Inari
  • Atomos
  • Exeera (I think this one is pretty obvious unless I can hold out for a buff)
  • Wolfgang
  • Karnov (I have 4 of him so I can keep anywhere between 1-4)
  • Asterius
  • Tyr
  • Guardian Kong
  • LoTL (costume)

Appreciate your help and advice on this! :slight_smile:

I can come up with a reason to keep a dup of every one of those heroes. Exeera is the clear stand out. Russel is the other one that catches my eye.

I think the questions I’d ask to you are:
1 Are you going to keep summoning? If so, do you think you’ll ever make it around to these heroes?
2 What are you focusing on? War only goes to 6 flags so how many heroes do you need/want for war? Do you compete in challenge events and/or Mythic Titans?

In reality I think you’ve got such a backlog, it’s hard to imagine you’ll be leveling dups of these.


Thanks for your input Ruskin. To answer your questions:
1 - I will keep summoning, but much less these days as I’ve acknowledged I’ve got more than enough heroes to work on and will mainly be summoning in portals where my dream heroes are featured. I do have heroes that are in queue for ascension but if I’m in this game for the long run then I do believe I would eventually make it to some of these dupes (but probably not so much the HoTMs as I don’t see them being as useful as the Event/Non-S1).
2 - To be honest, I focus on all aspects of the game including challenge events and Mythic Titans, my teams are just not strong/diverse enough to get the top scores. As for wars, I just have enough fully maxed 5* to fill 6 war teams but I do not have a big enough roster to mono stack against tanks so I usually have to run rainbow teams (or close to).


Alexandrine, Grimble, Alby and Grazul from HotM.
LotL, Ludwig, Inary and Kong .All for war depth.

Remenber, for Arrow wars you need 12 healers….!

Happy gaming

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The key words for me were : You will keep summoning.

  • You will keep getting new heroes & these will become redundant.
  • after 2 years in the game, I know, I will not level up a dupe bcoz, I keep summoning.
  • One exception is a good all round 5* healer = Level up to 12. Already have dupes.
  • By now, most of us know, some key support heroes that are game changers like Gazelle, Miki, Taunters, EDD, Alfrike….who play multi-role … which don’t need any advice to have dupes or even triples if one can manage. Though, game keeps bringing more powerful of such types …. So they can become Future question marks too ?:grinning:
  • Example: BK & c. Krampus are behind LudwiG as a choice for my offensive play :man_shrugging:t2::laughing:

So, I used to not keep many dupes, till soul exchange option showed up & hence invested in a bit more roster space, which will get empty with the first SE I m hoping….:grinning:

Hence, dupes is very personal choice & I personally m only keeping them for SE with few exceptions of being evergreen heroes like I have mentioned as game changers = to have an option of 6 war teams being led by them.

Cheers !


I would have thought a dupe Grimble would be fabulous for a 2nd war team during the undead wars.

After that I guess the family bonuses could be worth checking - who do you normally use together in war or tower events for example.

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and what about your line of heroes waiting for AM?