Classic (S1) Heroes

Hey all,

With the sheer volume of events coming out now and the subsequent new heroes that come with them, I’m just searching for opinions on which classic heroes are safe to feed away (3* and 4*) or save up for the next soul exchange.

I know there are still a few ok ones left if you have one or two of their costumes.

I’m running out of roster space and need to make some cuts :joy:

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How many 3* and 4* heroes do you have without costumes and not levelled…

And do you have any duplicates …

Are you able to post your roster …


Also how many pulls are you planning on making? If you are f2p or c2p then there is still a use for many S1 heroes.

If you want to pare your roster best is to track what heroes you use and don’t use and plan accordingly.

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Yeah sure

Here are all my S1 heroes:

This is all my 3* heroes:

Finally all my 4* heroes, sorry for photo dumping lol

I’m not planning on buying any more heroes, only using tokens I gain from gameplay so I want to make the most of what I have


Ok for what it’s worth. In my opinion, as a starter you could feed away the following:
3* heroes:
Gan Ju
Duplicate Gunnar
One x duplicate Zarola
One x duplicate Edelaide
2x duplicate Treevil

4* heroes:
Duplicate Voluptas
Duplicate Fura


Thank you for your suggestions, I’ve gone and fed them away. If there are any of the classic 4* that I have maxed that is pretty much dead with or without costumes I’d be happy to hear your opinion on if any of them are worth feeding away.

I suppose you only need one Fura …
For me personally I never use Mireweave and Shadereave (but they can be useful in tournaments) …
And I suppose you only need one Griffin …

After that I seriously think your 4* left in your roster are really useful

Your S1 4*, I never use my Hu Tao anymore
The rest I would keep

Good luck

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In that case take stock of which you use and which you don’t. Also some S1 are greatly improved by costumes.

I personally use Sartana Domitia Joon Vivica Marjana Elena Lianna a lot, some I have doubles that get used.

I never use Horghall but I just got his second costume so that could change.

Probably the other one I use least is Thorne but I have some solid non-S1 blues.

Edit: just looked at your roster, quite nice. Work on maxing the ones you want to and get rid of the dupes.


Thank you both for the help, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Here’s my thoughts.

#1, NEVER eat a 5*, save those for fated summons,

4 stars I’d dump Chao - Little John- Hu Tao - Gafar - both Voluptas - Zila Lei -Rokkamush - Shale - Sumitomo - 1 Fura -Mireweave

3 stars I’d give the heave ho: Bane - Berden - Guan Ju - Nashgar - 2nd gunner - Belith - Balthazar - Rudlph - Isshtak - Agnes 0- Hissan - 2 Zarolas - 2 Edlaides - 2 treevil


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Keep all Treevils. I use 4 fully emblemed and LB on Rush. Lots of fun

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