🗿 [November 2020] Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

So I was hoping for a 2nd Jackal.
Two final pulls. First was Nashgar. Next, I saw the purple, and expected another Bat…

OMG! My first ever challenge event 5*!!


Managed to finish just in time. Time to play has been limited.

2 summons got my 2 red 3* feeders: Jahangir & Nashgar. Ended event with 9 Challenge coins, which is very solid.

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She’s great. Wish I could get her. Congrats!

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Happy, great stuff and not too stressful this time :fox_face:


Nice that completed in the nick of time, and thank you @Zteev! :smile:

Final Result

Target: all flask reward



Finally get my 1st EHT since last Halloween, now stocked for xMas.
6x ETT, I do not want hoard for Ninja troop, currently want to complete mana troop 1st, so I summon all ETT, with result all 3* troops sadly lol :sweat_smile:


Target: 2nd Falcon, just like 5 month ago.
4x yesterday and 7x today, so 11xpull total: all feeder, get 2x Bat but I already have it.
Maybe next time,… goodluck everyone :muscle:

Congrats @SamMe, she is also my 1st 5* event challenge heroes (I get her last year).


Lost 10k rare and legendary in the night - those hours ale bull.■■■■ imo

My final results :

Legendary is definitely more and more competitive. 1106k vs 1082k (June 2020) for top 1000.

SCORE Legendary (JUNE 2020)

6 summons : 2xBat, Hawkmoon, Bane, Dawa, Nashgar + Glenda (my 3rd this month)

EHT/ETT saved for Xmas event / Ninja troops.


Thank you @jinbatsu! Nice results across Rare, Epic, and Legendary! :+1:

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Thank you SG forthank you for Balthazar, Renfeld, Carver and Hawkoon, that really almost made the fanboi in me come out. I wanted to vomit! Is that your game plan now?

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Luckily it was not connected with a drop in loot tier in rare. Got the tonic. My first serious competition in rare. Quite happy with that. Epic and legendary only for completion… perhaps will attack in legendary also next time…

@vanZille still looking for new members in your ally?


Well done, needed the tonic too for a new set. :slightly_smiling_face:
Sure, here’s description of us, we’re running slow and steady ♪ Forest Gnomes ツ 🦊

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101 is rough. That’s hard to see.

100 on rare isn’t a cut-off. It’s only top 10 or top 1000. 11th place is essentially the same as 101th or 999th in terms of rewards.

Woops okay then that’s fine

Final Results:

This was only my 2nd time ever in Top 500 Epic and 1st time in Top 1000 Legendary!




Was using a pretty unideal team for legendary lol:

Used standard teams for rare and epic. No emblems on any.

Overall it felt a lot less stressful than achieving ranks in the previous event. I had pretty bad boards on day 1 but overall, it felt like I didn’t put that much effort in especially for rare and legendary. Popped around 8 flasks. Wasn’t the most efficient with item usage.


Last Guardians, I did over 70 pulls and only got 3 dupe falcons and 5 Raffaele.

This time, I did 52 total pulls and somehow got as bad if not worse results lol. NO event 5*s. Only got 4 Jackals, 1 dupe Falcon, 1 dupe Elena, many bats. No HotM either. #cry :sob: :sob: :sob:

Props to the Crew Events crew and congrats to fellow Jesters @Cheds & @CobraKai on Top1k/Top500/Top1k!


Could get the EHTs in each category. My personal best score in Legendary Challenge Events so far. Took me maybe 4-5 flasks to get there. Actually I wanted to try for Top 100 but run out of items. Still need to get a better feeling for when it’s actually good enough to use them and not waste too many.


congrats so much @SamMe you definitely deserve her. me you and kb got her that’s awesome!

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Thank you kindly @OG-Pusha! Wowza, Teltoc was kind to KB, and both of us!! :exploding_head:

Not bad.


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