🗿 [November 2020] Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

The Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event!!

NOTE: This thread is being posted 1 WEEK before the start of the event to facilitate early discussions. Table below has full dates & times

Start Time End Time Duration
2020-11-12T07:00:00Z 2020-11-16T07:00:00Z 4.0 days

Note: Start & End times of the Challenge Event have changed. The event now begins 1 hour earlier (0700 UTC not 0800 UTC) & ends 13 hours earlier (0700 UTC not 2000 UTC).
Per Announcement: Event Schedule Changes (Version 30 Onwards)

Reflected Color
:sun_with_face: : Holy/ Yellow

:world_map: Stage Guides

OG by @Mariamne & @cap

Transcript Guide to “Copy Paste” to in-game chat by @FighterJack

Expand to copy into game chat


Guardians of Teltoc
Reflected: :elementholy:
[#10ff18]C = Guardian Chameleon
[#f4d03f]G = Guardian Gazelle
[#ff2508]K = Guardian Kong
[#f4d03f]O = Guardian Owl
[#a569bd]P = Guardian Panther
[#ff2508]F = Guardian Falcon
[#f4d03f]J = Guardian Jackal
[#a569bd]B = Guardian Bat

Element(s) for waves 1 & 2 / Boss stage in order
1: :elementholy::elementnature: / :elementnature: [#a569bd]B :elementnature:
[#ffffff]2: :elementholy::elementnature: / :elementholy: [#ff2508]F :elementholy:
[#ffffff]3: :elementholy::elementnature: / :elementnature: [#f4d03f]J :elementnature:
[#ffffff]4: :elementholy::elementnature: / :elementholy: [#ff2508]K :elementholy:
[#ffffff]5: :elementholy::elementnature: / :elementnature: [#a569bd]P :elementnature:

6: :elementholy::elementnature: / :elementholy: [#f4d03f]G :elementholy:
[#ffffff]7: :elementholy::elementnature: /:elementnature: [#10ff18]C :elementnature:
[#ffffff]8: :elementholy::elementnature: / :elementholy: [#f4d03f]O :elementholy:
[#ffffff]9: :elementholy::elementnature: / [#ff2508]F [#a569bd]B [#f4d03f]J
[#ffffff]10: :elementholy::elementnature: / [#10ff18]C [#f4d03f]J

11: :elementholy::elementnature: / [#ff2508]F [#f4d03f]G
[#ffffff]12: :elementholy: / [#ff2508]K [#a569bd]P
[#ffffff]13: :elementnature: / [#a569bd]B [#f4d03f]O J
[#ffffff]14: :elementholy: / [#ff2508]F [#f4d03f]G [#a569bd]P
[#ffffff]15: :elementnature: / [#10ff18]C [#f4d03f]O [#ff2508]K

Alternate Guides:

:tada: Summary of Rewards

Credit @cap & @Mariamne

NOTE: Completion Rewards will be given even if the final stage is completed after the event ended, as long as it’s started before the event ends.

:woman_superhero: Heroes & Bosses

Guardian Chameleon – 5* – :leaves: Nature

Guardian Gazelle – 5* – :sun_with_face: Holy

Guardian Kong – 5* – :fire: Fire

Guardian Owl – 5* – :sun_with_face: Holy

Guardian Panther – 5* – :new_moon_with_face: Dark

Guardian Falcon – 4* – :fire: Fire

Guardian Jackal – 4* – :sun_with_face: Holy

Guardian Bat – 3* – :new_moon_with_face: Dark

:gem: Summons Costs

Like all other Event Summon Portals, the Portal Cost is per below:

Single Summon

  • 10 Challenge Coins
  • 300 Gems

10x Summon

  • 2600 Gems

:game_die: Summoning Appearance Rates

Please note that Challenge Event Heroes are amongst the lowest odds of any Hero in the game. Even with a large number of Summons, you are very likely not to get Challenge Event Heroes, particularly 5*.

I highly recommend setting and sticking to a budget for Summoning to avoid overspending and frustration.

Rare Classic Hero: 63.1%
Epic Classic Hero: 20.8%
Legendary Classic Hero: 1.5%

Rare Event Hero: 7.9%
Epic Event Hero: 5.7%
Legendary Event Hero 1.0%

Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

:money_with_wings: Analysis of Summon Appearance Rates

This table shows the cumulative probability of different Summon events, based on a total number of Summons (1x, 10x, 30x, 100x, 500x, 1500x). Based on 10,000 gems costing 99.99 USD, I have also added an approximate $ cost too.

Please note that NO occurrence is ever actually 100%; the 100% entries in the table below indicate cumulative probabilities sufficiently close to 100% that they are expressed as such for simplicity. All other numbers are rounded to the nearest 0.1%.

Occurence 1x
Get at Least 1 Guardians Hero (3*-5*) 14.6% 79.4% 99.1% 100% 100% 100%
Get at Least 1 of Any 5* Guardians Hero 1.0% 9.6% 26.0% 63.4% 99.3% 100%
Get at Least 1 Particular 5* Guardians Hero 0.2% 2.0% 5.8% 18.1% 63.2% 95.0%
Get at Least 1 of Any 4* Guardians Hero 5.7% 44.4% 82.8% 99.7% 100% 100%
Get at Least 1 Particular 4* Guardians Hero 2.85% 25.1% 58.0% 94.5% 100% 100%
Get at Least 1 3* Guardians Hero 7.9% 56.1% 91.5% 99.9% 100% 100%

Putting That In Perspective

  • If 1 million players each spent US$26.00 to do 10 Summons, 206,000 of those players would NOT get ANY Guardians Heroes

  • If 1 million players each spent US$259.97 to do 100 Summons, 366,000 of those players would NOT get ANY Guardians 5* Heroes

  • If 1 million players each spent US$1,299.87 to do 500 Summons, 368,000 of those players would NOT get a particular Guardians 5* Hero

Summary Graphic of Portal Odds

See below amazing summary graphic by @Dorkus showing what odds you can really expect from the various summons portals in the game:

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Thank you for the info.
Awesome, let’s hope this time I can get the Jackal, really need a defense down holy hero. I do not even bother to look at 5* heroes anymore just a pipe dream to get them event heroes.


I’ve been saving all of my challenge tokens for the past year or so for each Guardians of Teltoc because I want Falcon and Jackal (have neither). Last time I got Guardian Owl. Pipe dream was a pipe nightmare instead.


Wilbur and falcon will be magic together, but against purple I have nothing, so I do not want to be greedy, I have also saved my challenge coins, will be able to do 11 pulls and also enough gems for a 10 pull. And I probably also get the Owl if I am granted a 5*…Life in E&P


Last time I was fortunate to get Jackal and Falcon. I hope this time for the Guardian Panther. They are awesome on titans.

For some reason i never managed to pull Jackal despite me doing an x10 every single time the event was around, now i have some coins saved and gems enough for 50 pulls, i hope this will be enough for a Jackal and maybe 1 5star.


I have already Panther and Falcon. Last elemental defence debuffer that i need is Jackal. Keep your fingers crossed guys :wink:


For me it was Falcon, already had 4 Jackal but couldn’t get him for over a year, but finally he came followed by Panther. You’ll get J this time.

Got 'em all 'cept Panther and Owl… the collector in me would be happy with either, but pleeeease Panther! Also, SGG… where’s our Blue Guardian?? I don’t care if they are a bang average 3*, I just want a rainbow of Guardians in my collection! :grin: Hmm maybe a jungle water-themed hero… Guardian Piranha? Guardian Anaconda?!

Good luck all! :crossed_fingers:


Another one hoping to finally get jackal. Got 2x panther, kong, chameleon and falcon. But still no jackal… In all other colors i have a normal and elemental defense debuffer. In yellow neither one…

I got panther and falcon in January and Jackal in june… i really do not desire anything else. Not yet sure if i will have any summon

Sadly, I won’t be pulling anymore from the Teltoc portal. I have 2 maxed Guardian Gazelles, 1 maxed Guardian Panther, 3 maxed out of 5 Guardian Jackals, and 2 maxed out of 4 Guardian Falcons (one at 3/60) , 3/70 Guardian Chameleon, and an untouched Guardian Owl. Only Guardian Kong is what I am missing. Love to have another Panther though but…

Youll get them guys. You only need to summon and summon and summon again. Caveat though. Dont chase heroes


First time facing this challenge, let´s see what those strange heroes do.

I won´t of do any gem pull. I even may save the coins for next challenge since I have enough heroes to level. I need a ring and a shield, it looks like I won´t be able to reach them. I´m not good at scoring.

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I have 1x kong and 2x falcon.
Would love jackal, panther and gazelle

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Quite honestly I might just do it on my main because I am gonna be playing a dlc on one of my Xbox games and I already had a very good haul three or 4 Teltoc’s ago.

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Looking forward to 150 Sorcerer emblems for completing Legendary. Hoping for a second Jackal. :crossed_fingers:

Hoping for the elusive Panther… I use Jackal/Joon on every purple Titan and have done well. As I think of summons, I’m reminded of a post on here about someone who chased Panther and posted results. Took over $300 if I remember correctly. That’s too rich for me… that’s a pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones. :smile:

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@Guvnor posted it … over $600 … 232 cups of coffee… tis the season for peppermint bark coffee. It’s cold and drizzly here in the Pacific NW, perfect for a hot cup of coffee. :smile:

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