🔵 [Nov 08, 2020] Trials of Justice – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

@Muchacho @TGW 4* challenge again! yeah!

@Dudeious.Maximus nice work too - these bosses can be tough!

Link to plan

Decided to drop Boril costume (as I already have Cyprian in) for Wu Kong. With boss fights I usually prefer reliability and good specials… but considering the line up I do have, Wu should combo well with Boldy and Tibs.

boss stage, specials fired up, decent progress just with tile damage. Had to mana potion Boldy up so I could heal - Richard hit Wu and left him with 4 hp. yikes. poor frail monkey. Hang in there, buddy.

A four-tile Purple match murders Richard, hah! Then another tile match does Justice in before she can fire her special. Man, I am loving the monkey king now.

Joon hits Cyprian, who takes the attack in stride (he still has 500 hp left!) and ripostes. Then a Tibs/Wu combo plus a few lucky Purple tile matches do Joon in just as his mana bar charges…

Monk emblems banked for Aeron to +4. then I will give some more to Wu.

Paladin for 2nd Sonya.
Trainer to Justice.

Takeaway: Wu is worth it. I used to think he was great only for Titans… but I will definitely be using him in class quests, challenge events, and the world map a bit more. Still not for Raids / Wars, as the lack of items (in my opinion) makes it really risky.

Kudos again to @Muchacho - I would not have been able to appreciate Wu like this if you had not come up with the 4* challenge!