New Emblem Quest Challenge

Already looking forward to this. Setting up my draft teams now to see which Trials will probably give me trouble…

  1. Strength (Barbarian + Fighter)

Grimm / Shadereave / Hu Tao / Boldtusk / Gormek. some overlap here, but Shady’s buffs are great and will revive someone if they die. Gormek first then Grimm second for a stronger hit. Hu Tao to pick on Oberon.

Could also bring Lancelot in to have a sort-of sniper. or Colen for a harder hit (maybe drop Hu).

Wow I have a lot of Red 4* Fighters!

Benched 4*: Caedmon costume (will just bring antidotes), Little John (slow plus weak color…)

Benched 5*: Malosi (would have been great against all the bosses), Joon costume, Sartana costume, Elena, un-maxed Magni and Richard.

  1. Fortitude (Cleric + Druid)

Rigard normal / Caedmon normal / Hansel 1 / Hansel 2/ Melendor normal. Two healers, two mana controllers, two dispellers, one cleanser.

Benched 4: Agwe, Boril, Sonya costume, Lady Woolerton (all ineffective color to one of the bosses), Gadeirus (a second Hansel or dispeller is IMO more valuable), Gobbler, candy Skittleskull

Benched 5*: Lepus, Kadilen, Horghall, Elkanen (only Lepus is maxed so I don’t lose THAT much!)

  1. Mysticism (Sorcerer + Wizard)

I’ve done it before with this team: Proteus 1, Proteus 2, Kiril, Sabina, normal Skittleskull. Skittles is weak to mobs but strong vs. the boss Ulmer, nd helps mitigate Ulmer’s defense drop.

Could also drop Sabina for Kashhrek costume, I lose a weak color to two bosses and gain a strong color with nice health boost (Kash can protect my two Protys).

Benched 4: dupe Kiril (the buffs would overlap), costume Melendor (though he would be a great counter to Ulmer, but Kiril also does that and gives an attack buff too - and this team will rely on tile damage!)

Benched 5*: Sartana, Isarnia

Man, I’m benching a lot of attack power here.

  1. Serenity (Paladin + Ranger)

oooh this is gonna be the toughest. it was also my toughest for the vanilla challenge.


costume Tiburtus, Normal Tiburtus (stronger hit to follow his costumed twin), Cyprian (take that Lianna and Richard!), Boril costume (ditto), Chao (for the mana cut)

maybe drop Chao or one Tibs for Jack O’Hare (strong color vs. Richard, neutral to others, self-def debuff works well with riposte)

Benched 4*: Sonya (nothing to dispel, weak color), Triton (weak color BUT could bring in for the heal boost, which works with items)

Benched 5*: Aegir, Gregorion, un-maxed Richard and Justice. Hm. I will miss Aegir’s defense buff and unreliable healing more than Greg’s sniping. Sadly, I do NOT have Rigard’s costume so I have absolutely no healer for this Trial without Aegir. I remember using a lot of items for the all-vanilla challenge.

  1. Survival (Barbarian + Rogue)

Li Xiu costume (for the mana cut), Grimm (strong color), Little John (weak color but good combo with Li), Scarlett (attack debuff!), Danzaburo (strong color vs. mobs, good effects)

Benched 4*: Gormek (overlaps with Grimm), Kelile (doesn’t really hit all that hard, and her effect isn’t as useful as the others’)

Benched 5*: Inari, Malosi, Margaret, Azlar, Marjana, un-maxed Domitia, Obakan, Richard

Wow, another of my Trials where I have a wonderful 5* bench. Even my vanilla 5*s Azlar and Marjana are quite good; but I remember using Inari and Margaret for crazy dodging. Malosi is great to block the ailments cast by all 3 bosses too.

  1. Piety (Cleric + Monk)

Ugh, the most annoying trial. Two healers, a mana booster, a cleanser, a riposter. Probably the only one I carpet bomb because I know it will take ages normally.

Rigard / Valeria / Hansel 1 / Hansel 2 / Valeria 2 (hee! double mana control and double V-fast heal steal!) Might drop a Valeria for costumed Skittleskull, stronger color against mobs.

Benched 4*: Li Xiu (not needed if two Hansels are coming along), Wu Kong (only really comes out for Titans), Lady Wooly (weak color to Viv) and Boldy costume (and one healer is enoigh for this trial IMO), Agwe, Boril

Benched 5*: Aeron (nice to have a healer, but none of the bosses cast ailments); Joon normal (aw), Rana (double aw, her heal block is great against Tuck and Viv), unmaxed Leonidas and Elkanen

  1. Decimation (Fighter + Wizard)

Kiril / Hu Tao (strong color against bosses, and the blind is nice vs. two AoEs) / Proteus / Caedmon costume (snipe, saves on antidotes, strong vs Ulmer) / Proteus 2

Or maybe drop a Proteus or Caedmon for Kashhrek costume, Kash will protect Proty and Kiril. And anyway, if Proteus is alive, the bosses won’t fire and Caedmon’s cleanse isn’t needed. Will have to rely on tile damage though.

Benched 4*: 2nd Kiril, two Melendors with costume (overlaps with Kiril’s buff), Boldtusk normal, Sir Lancelot, Colen, Shadereave (all weak to Ulmer and only neutral to everything else).

Wow I have a lot of Red 4* Fighters!

Benched 5*: Sartana costume, Joon costume, Isarnia, Elena, un-maxed Magni

Strategy would change a lot: I have a lot of firepower with my eligible 5s, with my 4s I rely on stalling and survival!

  1. Nature (Druid + Ranger)

Tiburtus / Caedmon normal / Melendor normal (two dispellers) / Jack O’Hare (for firepower) / Gadeirus (backup healer, attack boost)

Benched 4*: Triton and costume Sonya (can bring antidotes instead of cleanse, weak color to mobs and bosses), Chao (weak color to a boss), Gobbler

Benched 5*: Seshat, Gregorion, Lepus, un-maxed Horghall and Kadilen. That’s a lot of firepower benched too!

  1. Shadows (Rogue + Sorcerer)

Sabina (only all-party healer) / Li Xiu costume (mana cut!) / Danzaburo (strong vs Domitia and mobs, good effects) / Scarlett (attack debuff) / Kelile (strong vs. Skittleskull and neutral to the rest)

Benched 4*: Skittleskull normal (weak color, and Scarlett is a faster attack debuffer), Kashhrek costume (weak color)

Benched 5*: Inari and Margaret (dodge city!), Marjana (an upgraded Kelile), un-maxed Domitia

  1. Justice (Monk + Paladin)

Cyprian (take that bosses!) / Tiburtus costume / Boldtusk costume (only healer) / Tiburtus costume 2 (triple up no the strong color vs. two bosses) / maybe Boril costume (extra riposte)

Benched 4*: Li Xiu (weak against 2 bosses, though the mana cut is nice), Wu Kong, Sonya normal (nothing to dispel), Valeria (no healer bosses)

Benched 5*: Aeron (the cleanse to flanks is nice…), Aegir (meh, considering I have Boldy’s costume), Joon (aw, that firepower), Rana (would have been great vs. Tuck), un-maxed Leonidas, Justice, Richard

Serenity is the one I’m worried about. The rest seem fairly doable, and ones with 2x Hansel or Proteus will be fairly easy, I think.