Ninja Troop or 2nd Mana Troop?

Have mana + crit both at 30. Another mana or ninja?

IMO, because of war and tournament VF rule, at least 3x mana on level 11, so we need 2x more mana troop at lvl 11. So we can use for 3-2 on offense, best setup 3-2 for VF rule IMO.

But for me, even without VF rule, I was plan step by step minimum 3x mana troop:
5,5,11 and next 11,11,17, and next 11,11,23.

lvl5: is great for VF + class, and costume
lvl11: for VF or avarage + class20
lvl17: for avarage + class
lvl23: for avarage
After that, I would level ninja troop for sniper or high attack stat heroes.


Good point on VF war thanks

+1 vote for more mana troops for VF wars & tournaments.

I personally vote to get 3x mana troops to L11 at least that way you can mana break 3 heroes for VF settings.


+1 for jinbatsu and Guvnor.

I cannot like their posts atm. I’m constantly out of likes. :cry:


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