I need help with 4* troops levels. Thanks!

I’m a ctp. New troops doesn’t come so much and levelling them takes a long time now.The ninja troops are the latest additions to my collection and that’s why they aren’t levelled so high. What is the best strategy for my troops ? Keep levelling the mana troops or share the feeders amongst the three types of troops ?

My HA is close to level 9. I’ll retrain the blue troops into other colors. The red mana troop is still missing.

Depend on playstyle, heroes, and emblem plan.

For me, IMO… Mana Troop is crusial in offense, specially stack, at least 2-3 mana troop.
I play almost 2 years in this end of february.
The gap mana level currently in my range max is level 17.

1st priority level 17 mana

Mana level 17 have good advantadge for most Avarage heroes that we want to emblem, specially Ranger and Rogue (both only need cheap emblem on 8th node).
Sample heroes: Proteus+19, Grimm+19, Falcon+19, Buddy+8

2nd troop level 11

For heroes that is at very fast, or Avarage heroes that are Druid, Monk and Sorcerer.
Sample heroes: Jackal, Malosi, Ursena+20, Wilbur+20

3rd troop level 5

For costume heroes, very fast that have mana node.
Sample: BT, Rigard, Tiburtus, Jackal+8, etc…

And, the most impact that, there is Rush War Rule, so mana troop is great help.

Mana source table:


With the current meta on epic troops, mana troops are best leveled to 23 to make your average heroes fire their skills in 9 tiles (or to level 17 mana troop or to level 11 mana troop if the average hero opts for the +2% or 4% mana talent node, depending on the class, or much lower troop level if the average hero has a costume due to the mana bonus).

Crit troops, in my opinion, are best used to support tanks and/or other heroes on defense to make them a lot sturdier. There is a thread here that contain a chart telling us that they deal a lot more damage than any other kind of troops, probably due to the crit bonus.

And lastly, there is no doubt, the Ninja troops has the highest attack multiplier among the epic troops. They are best used not only to provide a much higher damage dealt by the heroes they support, but also has a chance to bypass enemy defensive buffs. I think they are good supporting heroes that deal AOE damage as well as rangers to supplement their bypass chances.

Right now, focus leveling you mana troops to get your average heroes to fire in 9 tiles instead of 10 based on the parameters mentioned above, i.e. mana bonus talent node and/or mana costume bonus. IMHO, this is the best investment for troops since they can make your average heros fire faster as if a fast heroes than leveling ninja troops or crit troops who only tend to maintain the speed of your heroes, though they offer something different to the table. If you don’t have average heroes, then work on your ninja troops until you reach the level where you are happy with the added bypass percentage.


Thank you for the reply. The key levels of the mana troops are important ie level 5,11,17 and 23 but gettting a level 14 troop to lvl17 or even lvl23 will takes eons of time if you aren’t gem summoning at the troop portal. I read once that is better to even out the levels amongst the troop for damage output. By example three lvl8 troops is better than lvl15/lvl1/lvl1 troop. I don’t know if that’s true.

Depend on heroes we bring, avarage costume? very fast? etc…

Level 5/5/11 are best if we bring example: Rigard.C, Tibts.C and (Ursena+20 or Clarissa)

Level 1 For avarage costume that have mana node talent.

Level 5/11/17: BT CB, Wilbur+20, Falcon+19
Level 1/11/17: BT CB+19, WIlbur+20, Falcon+19

Level 5/17: Kiril C, Grimm+19
Level 5/17: Melendor C, Buddy+8

I decided to do 2 mana troops to lvl 11 for very fast heros before leveling up 1 of them to 29. I have some critical troops leveled to 6 from before i had mana troops.

These are my troops:

It took me 2 years+ to get them and for them to reach those levels. And I have my rare and uncommon troops leveled to at least 5, 5 of them per element. No gems used for single or x10 summoning them. Purely relied on ETTs gathered throughout my entire gaming time.

Originally, i plan to get my main mana troops to get at least to level 29. Now, not sure anymore since i dont see much benefit reducing a tile for my fast and very fast heroes for them to charge their specials. Right now, i am leveling my 2nd blue mana troop to level 17 so that i can make my Athena+8 (mana bonus talent node) fire her skills almost in sync with my Frida+7 (to be supported by my level 25 mana troop) so that Frida + Athena + Master Lepus+7 and Vela+12 to charge their skills in 9 tiles for my monoblue to combat most Black Knight or Garnet tanks. I am also working on my 3rd mana troop to level 11 to support my Wilbur+20 so that my BT+19 (supported by a level 2 mana troop), Falcon+18 (supported by my level 25 mana troop) and Mitsuko+20 (supported by my 2nd mana troop level 11) charge their manas in 9 tiles. Another red 3-tile match and my Azlar fire in that mono setup.


Yes, that’s why I stopped at level 17, and continue to level another mana troop to at least level 11.
While I stanby in HA6, I have so many 3* troop and still not yet start to level higher. Only focus on 2nd, 3rd and 4th mana troop. Minimum: Level 5,11,11,17. But that just me.

I also no gems summon on troop portal at all.

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Yep. I think maxing epic troops is doable just using farmed troops from maps and summoned from the portal using ETTs. My HA6 has been churning 3* troops since September last year. I just don’t see it very much beneficial in my playstyle anymore except for bragging rights. The feeder troops and food cost getting mana troops from level 23 to level 30 is insanely so high that I would rather use those resources to develop my secondary or tertiary troops. I have advised my alliance to hoard ETTs and only summon during ninja events due to the chance getting those ninja troops as well as other epic troops that they may find necessary for their roster.

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Depends really much on your heroes…and embleming strategy if you give mana nodes to them or not.

Breakpoints are lvl 5, 11, 17 and 23.

My goal is to have 3 mana troops of each color lvl 23, 17 and 11.

I don’t have a ninja troop yet. I don’t know the breakpoints for bypass ability.

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Special troop ability is at the same level for all troops. But the mana ones are the only ones that really have attention paid to them on that.

There’s a breakpoint for a L1 mana troop too — costume plus mana talent only needs a L1 to drop a tile from average.

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Very true…but as you already get them at lvl 1 you don’t need to level them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for pointing out. :four_leaf_clover:

Sure, but you have to have one… still trying to get a purple mana here. :frowning:

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I think it’s better to use a lvl5 mana troop instead wasting an emblem slot for 2% mana boost.
That lvl5 mana troop can be used by other heroes.