Ninja Tower strategies

Great analysis. This time around I was a bit lazy and just kept whatever troops I had (not that I have that much to choose from, most of my troops are around lvl 11) and hoped for the best but I will use this post to take a more calculated approach next time

Resurrecting in anticipation of the event next week

I really hope the so called completion rewards they added will be per 10 floors and actually worth the hassle. It’s by far the hardest challenge in game, so I hope it will be rewarded such way.

If it’s all the same I’d rather just get a better competition reward for each level. I know I can make it through 45 levels, but it takes a lot to make it through those last 5. I’d rather feel better about giving up at level 48.

The version 33 notes state that they added ‘Progression reward Chests’. By the plural I judge there will be more than one then. I am going out of limb and say you get reward after each 10th floor, after the animation. Now what is important is what is actually in those chests …

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Discussions about loot are valid enough, but there are other threads for it. This is a thread purely for strategies and tactics…

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Agree that I’m not gonna dilly dally with all 3* teams in early stages this time around, I didn’t really get cursed until middle of the tower anyway and then I just couldn’t used 3s anymore because they were too weak, not because they were cursed. :laughing: Hopefully won’t regret, I mean I had a bunch of unused 4s last time so I think I’ll start with decent mono 4* teams.

I didn’t take any minions last time but since I’m not really going for high scores I may try them out this time, definitely will help with survivability in later stages.

Working on 2nd bursti atm but 2nd wu will probably have to wait until next ninja tower to be leveled. He was a good monkey 2 months ago! Actually liked him better for this than titans, there’s no stun spot I’m depending on to not get massacred. :laughing:


I took the bonus for lantern minions and they helped significantly especially against those bosses.

This time around I’m thinking of doing the same

Have there been any updates and changes to this new Tower?

Just the loot structure and some bug fixes mainly from what I read. One big difference is if you die and the curse hasnt counted down yet then it wont stick

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Some thoughts from the first Tower Event

  • Since most of my 5* are average and slow, I’ll probably go with the mana generation bonuses again

  • Lady Woolerton becomes really good when her ailment is removed quickly

  • Timestops were useful near the final levels just to give my healers time to keep my heroes alive


This time I don’t care about finishing (although I’d love if I could).
I have 32 coins, if I can get 68 for one pull, then I am good.


Last run was better than the first. I think I lost more heroes but didn’t mind quite as much. Netted about 450 emblems.

The minion perk was a good one…

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Previous post suggestions still apply. Added more emblems to Lady Woolerton for this event.

Only one thing to add

  • Whenever you see Cobalt among the final bosses, kill him first :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. Or zocc him up

I did the 10 floors so far for Day 1, and I have to admit, I have already had impossible boards for the stone, where I can’t get rid of them, and not even due to a massive cascade, simply, i have no colours for it and no way to remove it.

That’s why you make diamonds and dragon tiles and save them for the curse tiles.

Also tornados are vital, the other thing I’ve done is kept dragon and bomb attacks ready, and if I have an impossible tile I use those to finish off the boss and end the level before the curse attaches if it’s close enough.

So far I’ve gotten through level 20 without a single curse.


There is a contradictory style of play for avoiding oni curses and for maximising your points. You have to decide exactly where between the two styles you end up walking so you can finish the tower with as many heroes as possible whilst still getting a good score. Its very much part of the challenge

Tornadoes will definitely give you a good chance of being saved. I tend to stock up on mana so I can recharge my guys and use their specials to finish off the boss if I know it will avoid a curse


Tornadoes are a must, I used them even more liberally this time and so far I’ve gotten through 40 levels with only a single hero with 1 curse. (knock on wood) Did already use 50 something tornadoes though, but it was well worth it.

Also as mentioned dragon attacks work fairly well up to floor 40 as they’re a good way to kill those stubborn mobs without moving the board. I remember last time for the last 5 levels, I brought along hurricanes as well for extra insurance. Yeah it’s very resource intensive, but where else can you gain 500+ emblems all at once? Well worth the iron cost IMO.

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