Kara vs Sir Roostley

Help me choose my next yellow? Was leaning towards sir Roostley to put him on my defense with C.Killhare for family bonus but just pulled Kara and she’s my first taunt hero. What do you all think? this is my mono yellow plus bench:


  • Sir Roostley
  • Kara
  • Aouda
  • Mica
  • Hanitra
  • Uraeus
  • Second C.vivica
  • Second Malosi

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unique skill hero that nobody else have in ur roster will enrich your gameplay. so i voted for kara


Thanks @mogulemon ! Btw love your YouTube videos!

My vote goes to Kara 100%
You can’t have too many taunt heroes for war

Kara looks so amazing, I would show her some love :yellow_heart:

Personally believe this poll is skewed based on recency bias. Your roster is fairly offensive and quite fast. Kara does nothing spectacular for your yellow heroes, Hanitra does. With the number of yellows you have with their varying abilities, I think you can judge for yourself. You don’t appear to be a novice player.

Kara, absolutely.
Since defense teams prefer AoE hitters (Octros, C.MLepus, Lewena, Eloise, Peñolite, some of the charge2 MT heroes, etc.) over sniper heroes these days, the taunt hero effectively makes their damage 1/5.
Also, the taunt hero does not necessarily need to be used in a color stack, so there is no dependence on the yellow roster you already have. She is a very good standalone hero.
Btw, Hanitra’s dodge+overheal is useful, but I personally think it is far behind the taunt hero in terms of reliability as it is dependent on 45% RNG.


Kara is worlds better than Hanitra and they fill basically the same role. Hanitra throws up a dodge for defensive purposes. Kara is also defensive, but guarantees the other 4 heroes won’t get hit by a special. Taunt>>>dodge IMO…especially if you don’t have Krampus or BK.

Kara is slower than most of the OP yellow roster, by the time she’s ready to fire, the match is most likely decided. Hanitra is a dodge healer, with fast mana and ways to speed herself up much more quickly. If I had to choose between who was better, I would pick Kara, but this person’s roster, Hanitra is a better team player.

If you have two holy mana troops, I might go Malosi. Mono teams are better of they are faster.

I don’t take a taunt hero on offense. That goes double when the team is attacking.