Next 5* projects

Closing in on getting the mat’s for my 3rd set of rainbow 5* heroes.
My current defense team is: Kingston +7 / Ariel +9 / Ursena +9 / Gravemaker +9 / Joon +9
Nearing the emblems to up each of these by +1 after one more cycle of emblem quests.

My other maxed 5* are: G. Gazelle +0 (is it worth taking Alberich’s Druid Emblems?), Athena +9, Alberich +9 and Ares +7. My second 5* purple has eluded me.

I have all the mats to ascend another set of 5*, and can choose from the following:

Purple: Still waiting…
Yellow: Inari, Jusice, Leonidas
Blue: Vela, Perseus, Richard, Magni
Green: Mother North, Elkanen, Kadilen, Horghall
Red: Mitsuko, Grazul, Red Hood

I’ve currently shifted my focus to 3 and 4 stars to strengthen my benches for events, but would like to switch back to 5* after the Knights of Avalon event (hoping for a lucky pull to grab Arthur or B. Knight).

Assuming I don’t get any of the sexy new heroes, who should be next on my list of priorities? I’d like to get better at all facets of the game.

For yellow, I’m leaning towards Inari for her tile damage. I thought about Leonidas, but I have 2 yellow snipers I regularly use in Joon and a +20 Jackal. Justice doesn’t do it for me, as I already have Ursena locking down my tank position. Even if I was lucky enough to nab Guinevere, I may still go Inari.

For blue, I’m hoping to pull either Arthur or Frida next month, so I might hold on pushing one of my current heroes, but if I fail, I’m torn between Richard and Vela. Neither would get emblems, so it would be purely for war depth. Richard seems to pair better with Athena, but I can’t ignore Vela’s Fast mana speed and her potential synergy with my other DOT heroes.

For green, I’m seriously leaning towards Mother North. I know I already have Alberich, and Ariel will hold all of my Cleric emblems, but she would provide serious war depth with her revive and heal ability. Lady of the Lake might take precedence, if I get lucky enough to pull her.

For red, I might go Mitsuko if I don’t pull B. Knight or the February HOTM. Even if I did get Jean Francois, I might still go Mitsuko as I have Gravemaker already. I’ve learned how valuable the reflect can be on offense with Ursena, so I’d like to have a similar effect on my red team.

Thoughts? It took me a while to get these mats, and I’d seriously hate to have any regrets here.

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My thoughts:

Yellow: Personally, my play style leans toward Leonidas. He was my first maxed yellow 5* and I still use him. That said, I think you’re right to go with Inari. She is the overall better hero.

Blue: Depending on how many pulls you plan to do, I would wait and see if you get lucky. It isn’t a long wait. Otherwise, if you color stack a lot I would go with Vela for her element link. Unless you have Richard’s costume?

Green: I’m not sure. Mother North won’t add much variety, but your other options aren’t that great… maybe hold for awhile?

Red: I have Mitsuko and Grazul maxed. I went with Mitsuko first. I’d go with her. Grazul is really good though. You can’t go wrong either way.

I unfortunately don’t have Richard’s costume, but I plan on spending a few gems during the next costume event for Vivica, Richard or Joon…any of those 3, I think will push that hero to the top of my priority list.

Thanks for the feedback - seems to mirror my thoughts, which is comforting.
I’ll probably hold on Blue/Green and push Inari and Mitsuko next, but would love to hear more opinions!

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General update, but thought you could help me out here.
Got lucky and pulled 2x Frida in a 30x pull this morning!

I’m shy one scope, but I assume Frida jumps to the top of my Blue hero priority list. Also - does he demand my paladin emblems over Ares?


Frida is great. I have her maxed. I don’t have Ares, so I have no experience using him on offense. Unless you plan to use Ares as your tank, I’d probably emblem Frida.

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