Should i ascend Ursena over Clarissa?

Hello everyone i was working on Ursena but today ive just pulled Clarissa.

PROS OF Clarissa.

Her speed. Being very fast plus my purple mana troop i will be able to charge her very fast .
She would be a great addition to my offensives

Cons of Clarissa
I think that in matters of defense and vs titans she loose badly against Ursena.

Pros and cons of Ursena

I cant see her being so good on offensive as Clarissa.
However i see her like a beast against titans , in wars (my alliance started to run purple tanks) and against heavy yellow teans (pvp and pve).
She being a sorcerer. I dont have many of them

I have been working in my roster prioritizing some good 3* and finishing good 4* too. I keep doing it but when Morlovia hits at the end of the month i will get the last tabard. In terms of emblems i have near the same quantity for both classes.

My current leveling plan which i will finish before starting with this purple 5*

Second Rigard close to end
Kelile and Gretel at least to 3/60
grazul and JF to 3/70.

my roster

thanks in advance !

pd: I forgot to add Kiril for the blues . Hes maxed too


Ursena because she’s the best tank you have on your roster. She will keep you in platinum when you get there. Before Telluria, she was arguably the best tank in the game.

Offensively, Clarissa is better but Ursena is pretty good too.


mmmm i dont know why you assumed this but im between 2300 and 2500 at max with my defense team and offense . I think you wanted to say diamond. And this yes i completely agree

I agree , Ursena seems like a no brain decision . But things could be deeper than a first glance.
Thats why i wanted to make sure , because being very fast and close to GM level make me wonder if Ursena was going to be the right choice .

Thanks again !

My Ursena is Emblem to +17, but still cannot withstand a mono-yellow stack if hit by 3-4 tiles.

Nowadays, definition of a good tank is able to withstand tiles till at least fire once, i guess.

Ursena defence is only 839.

I have Telly (+17) defense is 940, and she GAINS cups overnight. absolutely no problems staying in diamond. I have to drop cups to make my raids easier.

Myself I don’t bother about raid defense, only doing enough to claim chest at diamond tier. So if it is me I will choose Clarissa.


I’d pick Ursena. You need a good tank and you shouldn’t underestimate the yellow reflect on offense.

Doesn’t really matter, you’ll max both sooner or later.

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Thanks easy ! I think im a little bit eclipsed by Clarissa thinking that i probably pulled something similar to GM who i dont have because i didnt know the game when he was featured and i havent no luck in Atlantis .

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You can’t go wrong maxing either.

If you wanted, you could also tank with Richard or JF, they are both good tanks, and max Clarissa first. None of them are bad choices.

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Now i see my roster i forgot to add Kiril! hes maxed and +6 . A mistake from me .

Anyways . Thanks again

I have time to think it bettter.
I really like Ursena and as ive already started her it will probably be determinant by the time of ascend her

thanks for your feedback

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Reflecting is super fun. I have Mitsuko.

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Replying because when my Ursena hits 3/70, I will have the same dilemma as I just pulled Clarissa as well. Also have a lv 10 purple mana troop (have enough feeders to take to lv 11) so makes the decision even harder.

I’ll just say this: lately I’ve been watching a lot of war vids where this guy just goes full mono with every team all the time. One thing that caught my eye was his purple stack, consisting of cRigad-cTibs-Ursena-Seshat-Proteus. (all at various emblem levels, but Ursena was +8 I believe)

Ursena even at just +8, when combined with cRigard’s atk up and cTibs def down does a metric ton of damage, leaving any yellows in critical health if not outright one shotting them, and the rest of the team has between 30-40% HP left after her blast. Since you already have the two key ingredients to make her really shine (cRigs+11, cTibs+14), that might sway the decision in her favor.

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Haha it’s no exaggeration to say Ursena singlehandedly killed the two bosses in the final stage of Shiloh Desert. I brought cRigs-cTibs+13-Ursena 3/61-Grimm+11-Telly+3, and could’ve easily finished the last stage without Ursena’s yellow reflect, but wanted to have some fun and see how good that yellow reflect was. Well let’s just say the bosses filled up their mana bar at roughly half health, they fired and went POOF instantly against her yellow reflect. :grin:


Do you have the name of that player ? to see from myself . Im curious now. Ursplack?
By the way i have used a mono dark in the quest and Ursena did the same haha she is a beast .

By the way , how about the performance of Clarissa at 3/70? i think she would be at that point for a long time before i gather six tabards again. ( i have plenty scopes and tonics but scarce tabards sadly)

I don’t know if Clarissa has been thoroughly vetted as a tank yet. And I don’t know if we’ll see her in such a role before the end of the month because of the dominance of Telluria in the same paladin class. But Clarissa has potential to tank as she’s incredibly likely to fire to fire at v. fast, punishes yellows with extra damage, has the paladin class bonus which very often triggers considering how much tile damage a tank receives, and then her special defense gets boosted +30%. The combination of those are excellent skills for a tank. I have Clarissa at 3/70 (actually have the mats for her, just am a hoarder).

Ursena is my current tank at 4/80+16 (with +10% defense from Ariel+Poseidon family bonus, and my next nodes will all be defense path as I am realizing she probably needs to survive one more tile from a yellow stack). Ursena is a proven great tank because she absolutely punishes a yellow stack if they don’t get tiles. If you haven’t faced her you know how much of a gamble this can be. It’s mad worse because yellow has basically no (any??) dispellers. I would add the reflect is also great on offense and I always look for yellows on the wings (usually drake or joon) because even if Ursena doesn’t do massive damage because the team is often <50% life when she’s ready to go- those yellow wings almost always kill themselves on reflect. And against yellow tanks, usually partner her with panther+costumed Rigard + costume Tibertus - the tank is usually gone with a tile match or two but this combo fires in 9 tiles if you have the troops and will very wipe out 2-3 of the other heroes if you fire in the right order to make sure everyone has just a hair >50% life when ursena pops. if you don’t have panther just CRigs and CTibs + Ursena is pretty punishing also but may need a tile to cleanup. I don’t see Clarissa having quite the same potency on offense with this particular setup, but would work pretty well with other purples such as Kage and/or Victor


Thanks Dorkus.

As you well pointed Ursena would fit better and match the best with my roster.
Its like a reinforcement of what @rho have said before.

I was hoping for this kind of advising , to read some personal experiences and now im convinced of maxing Ursena first.

Thanks you both

It’s actually a Korean guy who has the Youtube name of 경이리TV. There are a lot of war vids in there and I apologize for not remembering which ones showcase his mono purple team, but I’m sure if you just follow his war vids you’ll see his purple stack eventually.

I think at 3/70, Ursena has a leg up on Clarissa since her DoT damage is affected by her atk, and she doesn’t unlock her full potential until 4/80. While Ursena’s AoE definitely benefits from a higher atk as well, she’s not as reliant on having a super high atk stat to deal the main (half?) portion of her damage, namely the DoT.

But of course with a lv11 mana troop, Clarissa will fire 33% more often than Ursena, so it’s a real tossup. Probably the only way to fairly evaluate both is to test them out in different scenarios at 3/70 and see which one benefits your lineup more.

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It seems that Ursena would fit better with c.rig and c.tibs than Clarissa.
On pappers both heroes are excelent heroes but looking at the synegy with my other purples Clarissa even is a little redudant of proteus poison.
Im looking forward to trying the lineup c.tibs, c.rig and ursena when shes maxed

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Yep I feel Ursena has extremely good synergy with cRigs and cTibs, atk up AND def down makes even that 130% AoE into 260%, and the 260% AoE into, well a nuke essentially.

Now I’m thinking a 3-2 stack of cRigs-cTibs-Ursena-Jackal-Malosi (assuming mana troops to fire Jackl and Malosi in 6 tiles) might make a good anti-GTV team. By bringing only yellow and purples, you’ve avoided the threat to reds from Vela and green from GM. Jackal+Malosi just need 2 matches to fire, and Jackal makes Malosi hit as hard as Joon while simultaneously blocking that deadly mana slow and annoying HoT from Telly. 3 purple matches and cRigs and cTibs are ready to cleanse after any DoT Vela and GM leaves while softening the entire team. Then when Ursena fires it’ll be splendid. Of course this is all theoretical talk and I have no actual experience with GTV so I might just be talking out of my ■■■ here…

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I dont have jackal or Malosi but i could try something similar with my Mist and Joon. Its not the same but the final outcome may be not so different.

Id like to see how far sg would nerf tellu and vela but if that team still rules the meta i will surely try the lineup.

C.rig Mist c.tibs Joon and ursena

Yes that could work too, although slightly less effective because:

  1. You can’t boost Joon and Mist’s mana fast enough to fire in 6 tiles, and that itself might determine whether you win or lose the match
  2. Malosi’s status block means you’re protected from Telly’s mana slow, making recovery from a bad opening easier

Though once Mist fires, her -64% mana regen effectively shuts down mana gain, so you can tile dump into Telly if need be without too much fear.

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