Purples, purples

6th Tabard from POV…and these are my purple options:

Purple just maxed:
Seshat n.2

Wich of my options could improve my roster in your opinion? And why?
Thx in advance for your points of view and experiences!

Ouch…also just maxed:
C-Domitia +19

Well tbh that is a pretty hard roster to improve

If you have JF then definitely Killhare

If not still probably Killhare, or maybe Freya

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I have emblems for all, but not for the Bunny and Malicna…too much good Fighters & Clerics!

I don’t think you’ll feel much improvement in maxing any.

Freya + Bera might be fun offensively if you want to see minion mayhem.

Moreau is unique for the blind ailment in Purple.

Killhare imho loses to Onyx who I find much better offensively and defensively. But dupe Onyx - I don’t know, I don’t like dupes.

Malicna if you like cassinos.

Frankly I think I would go with Moreau in your case, but will that bring your play to a next level … probably not.


Moreau for sure. He’s a stronger purple version of Drake Fong.

Too many good new heroes coming out soon to consider maxing a duplicate.

Even with the new heroes soon to arrive, I would max Moreau immediately. After the circus and the rest of the season 4 heroes, I would then go with killhare or freya.

There’s very few of the new heroes of the month these days that have been worth maxing out. Since the Telluria abortion, the only ones I have maxed since then have been Malosi and Uraeus. I have pulled all of them and tested them at 3/70, like I do any hero before I max them, but none of them have come close to the season 3 and 4 heroes or new event or seasonal heroes. The telluria situation really frightened them into creating any more solid heroes of the month.

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I’d rather hoard those tabards. Any of those candidates really don’t provide a plus to what you have maxed currently. Maybe Freya in tandem with your Bera for solid minions.

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That’s a difficult decision. Mainly because of your existing roster of 5* purple on max.
If you have to / want to max one of these my choice would be Freya or Malicna… but I am not sure you would get lots of use from either…
So why not wait for a new shiny purple hero that you will pull in the future
Good luck

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I see the Moreau value even at 3.70…but something is leaning me toward Freya. Maybe 'cause I love minions and the sinergies and the fun they provide to play through them. Freya and Bera togheter it could be surely fun :grin:
Moreau users…why are you happy with him? Wich combo do you like to play with the Doc?

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