Next Nature and Dark 5*s to max

Hey there,

I am not completely decided which should be my next Dark and Nature 5* heroes I should max next, so I’d like to ask for your advice. Explanations and reasons are highly appreciated, though you can also just vote in the poll.

Here is the link to my roster:

DARK - Grimble vs. Ludwig

For Dark, I am leaning towards Grimble, especially due to the upcoming influx of minions heroes. Ludwig is great as well, but he’s slow, plus I already have quite a few support heroes, including Xno (yeah, I know that Grimble is also more of a support hero, but he can also do some damage and he is faster). I don’t have emblems for any of them to take them beyond talents. Or maybe you think I should go with any of the rest…

Vote for your preferred Dark ascension:

  • Grimble
  • Ludwig
  • Clarissa
  • Marie-Therese
  • Malicna

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Nature - Lady of the Lake (+ costume bonus) vs. Costume Francine

I am pretty undecided, on one hand I could use a fast hit-3 hero which also cleanses over 3 turns, but then again Lady of the Lake is so great. But she is also slow and I have many healers already, but I love healers and she is also a great mana controller… Damn, it’s so difficult to decide…

  • Lady of the Lake (+costume bonus)
  • Costume Francine
  • Bertila
  • Guardian Chameleon
  • Lady Locke

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So for the Dark:

While it is true the 3 Kingdoms heroes will bring in yet more minion heroes, you already have Bera/Skadi/C.Frank/C.Gormek and unlevelled Gobbler, so it’s not like you aren’t hurting there. Ludwig is just too good to not ascend before everyone else, and for me is one of the scariest/dangerous heroes in the meta currently.

For Nature:

This was easy for me, you have a few great healers in 5* already ascended, but you are right that you are lean in 3-Hit Fast heroes, so C.Francine is IMO the way to go for Nature. Between Xylophone, Lindenbrock, Heimdall, and Garnet you are clearly not hurting for 5* healers.


You make, of course, a lot of sense. I might just be a bit greedy though :smiley: And I should think more also in which teams I can use them. Probably the most problematic is Francine, which could only replace Caedmon right now and he actually works great already with Frigg and Fogg and I also have this costume for cleanse when needed

Ludwig no brainer especially since you have Xnoiphod already. You can’t go wrong with that duo. For green I’m leaning c-Lolt. While Francine is nice to have, and I do use her a fair bit she is just not a take her in ever green stack kind of hero. She comes in handy sure but I’m thinking of a nice stack with Xnoiphod, Ludwig, Lolt and 2 strong hitters in either green or purple would make a really good war team.


ludwig and lotl. game changer heroes.


ludwig and xpo together give excellent defensive stats. It wouldn’t be wise for me to switch to another hero when you have a chance to significantly increase ludwig’s slow mana with xpo


Thanks, everyone! I will most probably go with Ludwig and Lady of the Lake, as the votes show. I can use both of them in a variety of teams (I play 3-1-1) and even together. Francine could have only replaced (Costume) Caedmon that works great with Frigg and Fogg.

And since I just got Zagrog today, probably will pull for Springvale in April (so no chance for Killhare until then), but I will try a 10-pull probably for W3K.